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Life if full of nagging little mysteries that refuse to be solved. Either you can put them out of your mind or you can not. Now that the Internet has become a vast sea of information, you don't have to let some of those nasty little annoyances go unsolved as you may have had to do in the past. Something as simple as a wrong number is something you can forget in moments, but not when that number continues to call. If that happens, it is no longer a wrong number, but perhaps something of which you should know.

The problem with unknown phone numbers is that some will call and you won't know why, and they will hang up before your machine can take a message. They are doing that on purpose. They could be a bill collector, or they could have something to say that they do not want recorded on any answering machine or through any voicemail system. Both can be worrisome thoughts, but you have more power than you think. Ignoring the calls is not your only option.

What you want to know more about is reverse phone lookup. Throughout your life, if you wanted someone's phone number, you had the option of looking them up by name through your phone book. For obvious reasons, that is not something you can do by number - until now. The online phone books have reverse search now where they did not have it in the past. These do not, however, work with all phone numbers.

What you have to know about mobile numbers is that there aren't any official directories like there are for landlines. The mobile providers and their customers alike rejected this due to privacy concerns. Mobiles are with us all day, and many still have to pay for minutes at certain times of the day. No one wanted their private numbers out there for just anyone to find. There are many unofficial databases out there, however, and those are ones you can search.

There are going to be some free sources that you can search, but you have to know where to go when those free tools bring up nothing of interest to you. You can find a cell phone directory that you can search by name or in reverse when you have to know more.

Mary is a bookworm that loves to write about technology and ethical issues. You can check out her latest tech project at

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