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Phone Numbers Are As Elusive As Mythical Monsters


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During your childhood you probably encountered all sorts of mythical monsters that were either your friend, or simply created to give you a good scare. However, regardless of how real these mysterious creatures may have seemed to you, as you matured you discovered they were fantasies that really posed no real harm at all. Unfortunately, not all of the mysteries you encounter in your adult life are a figment of your imagination. Some of them are very real problems that you need to deal with, or you run the risk of finding yourself in a potentially bad situation.

A common mystery that many of us face is related to strange phone calls we receive from unknown numbers. In most cases, unidentifiable phone numbers are nothing to concern yourself about. They generally belong to telemarketers, innocent wrong number calls, or someone you know calling from a location with a numerical code you don't recognize.

However, there are times when the elusive caller is someone who wants to hassle you for their enjoyment, or because they have a personal grudge against you or someone else in your household. These are the type of mystery calls you cannot ignore. You need to try and solve them by identifying the prankster, because ignoring them and hoping they will go away like the imaginary monsters in your childhood, isn't going to work and can make the situation much worse.

To start, you need to write down the ten digit telephone number that appears on your call display, or that you obtain using the call return service, which should be achieved by pressing *69 on your touchtone phone directly after you receive the call from the harasser. Once you have the number, enter it into a reverse cell phone lookup website and search. If the digits belong to a cellphone, it's a good idea to pay the nominal fee to gain access to the paid wireless directory to see if you can find the person's location and identity in the index.

In the meantime, while you are investigating, stop answering the calls, and control your impulse to call the person back and make threats, as this will likely only prolong the crank calling or make it more severe. If you find out who it is, you can address them by their first name the next time they call, and let them know you have notified the police and then hang up on them. If the harassing continues, notify your telephone company and file a report with the local authorities. It's also a good idea to inform the caller's telephone provider of their nefarious behavior.

Nevertheless, remember that while a phone number search may not have been able to scare off the mythical monsters of your childhood, it can help you scare off the more real phone “monsters" in your life and give you more control over a bad or annoying situation.

Susan has an undying knack for tech gadgets and cool tech websites. You can check out her latest techie project-a tool to find out who owns a cell phone number-at


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