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Who is Calling Me So Much? Mom, Girlfriend, Boyfriend?


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Sometimes a ringing phone may be music to your ears, while other times it can be the last thing you want to hear.  Frequent phone calls, particularly those that are from the same caller can become pretty irritating mighty fast.  Some people can't help but be aggravating callers.  They will call anytime for any reason, without even considering if you want to talk or may be busy.  In many cases the annoyance caller is usually someone you know and are close to, such as your mother, girlfriend/boyfriend, good friend, etc.   
If you are having a problem with constant calls from someone you care about, the best course of action you can take, without sending them the wrong message, is to screen your calls, and only answer the phone or call the person back when you are ready to do so.  However, the only way you will achieve this goal is to know when it is them calling.  In other words, you need to know their phone number.  This is something that can be achieved with caller ID.
If you do not have caller number identification, you can obtain this feature by contacting your phone company and requesting that the service be added to your phone plan.  You then need to either attain a call display device and attach this to your main phone, or get telephones that have the display built into their system.  On the other hand, if you are having the feature applied to your cell phone, your mobile should already have the technology required for it to work.
Thus, the next time the telephone rings, wait for the number and name to be displayed before answering.  It should register after the first ring has gone through.     If the caller is phoning from a private line, no name will be revealed, only the digits.  If you are trying to avoid someone you know, only seeing the numerals should be enough for you to recognize whose calling.  You can also program the person's number in your phone so it will automatically pop up when they call.
However, in those cases when a number is not enough to tip you off on whose on the other line, you can always use a cell phone lookup to find out who is calling.

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