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Not So Funny When Someone Reports Your Prank Calls


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We all get into a little mischief every now and again, and depending on how you get your kicks, you may enjoy having a laugh at someone else's expense. Making phony phone calls is a favorite among pranksters, because it is a great way to remain anonymous and razz someone or play a joke on a friend, or at least it was. . .

Today, if you want to participate in prank calling, you'll likely end up discovering that the jokes on you, and you'll quickly find that your “harmless" joke, isn't so funny after all. The reason why the tables have been turned on pranksters is mainly because of two tools - caller ID and reverse phone lookups.

Although caller ID won't reveal the name of the number owner if they are calling from a private line, such as a cell, in the vast majority of cases, the number is still displayed. Therefore, though a crank caller may remain nameless this doesn't mean their identity cannot be found out. All someone needs to do is search the ten digits using a reverse phone lookup and there's a very good chance identity and location information will be revealed.

If I use my cell phone to make a prank call, isn't it harder for the person to trace me? Yes and no. It is more difficult in the sense that there is no universal cellphone directory, so no one can actually search for your number in a free lookup and discover your details. However, paid commercial directories do exist, and are becoming much more popular and larger. Thus, if one of these reverse cellular trace sites has the database of your specific wireless provider, a person may be able to find out who you are and more.

Once someone knows who you are, they may choose to confront you, reverse the tables and attempt to phone harass you, or get the authorities involved. Furthermore, they can also notify your phone provider that you have been making prank calls, so you may also encounter another problem with your company who won't be pleased with your actions.

Essentially, when it all comes down to it, you should avoid engaging in making prank phone calls because they are a nuisance and a cell phone lookup can make keeping your identity secret a struggle. It's just not worth it when in the end no one is laughing.

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Using Reverse Cell Phone Search to Find and Detect the Person Behind Prank and ..
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