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How Often Do Americans Receive Telemarketing Calls?


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Have you ever counted how many telemarketing calls you receive in a day? While some Americans receive as many as 10 or more calls daily, the average American phone consumer probably encounters between 3 and 5.  For some people, receiving one call is too much.  Regardless of what your personal thoughts may be about telemarketers and the number of phone solicitations you receive, all you need to know is that if you are fed up with these sales calls, there is a way you can limit, and, in some cases, stop them.

However, before taking a look at how to take control of an annoying telemarketing situation, you may be wondering why there are so many solicitation calls.  There could be a number of reasons, including the call recipient is contacted by. . .

- Companies with whom they have an established business relationship (EBR).

- The affiliates of EBR companies

- Cold calls (calls not expected or authorized by you)

- Non-profit organizations (I. E. charities)

- Survey groups

- Government calls

- Fraudulent telemarketers/scammers

- Telemarketing agency that has obtained your information by purchasing it from a telecommunications company, or an organization who you gave your contact details to because you filled out a form, contest, etc.

- Telemarketers who once called the previous number owner

- Etc.

As you can see, there are many different types of telemarketing calls you can encounter.  However, it may interest you to know that you can stop all of them from contacting you except for non-profits, survey groups and government calls.

How can you reduce or cut off telemarketers entirely? The best way is to add your numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry.  It's free, and it only takes 30 days until you see a drop in unsolicited phone calls.  For every other solicitor who phones, all you need to do is make this simple request: "Please place my number on your internal do not call list".  By law, all legitimate telemarketing firms must comply with this request and not contact that number again for a period of 5 years, regardless if they are an EBR company or not.

Finally, keep in mind that if you would like to investigate a telemarketers phone number further, because you are suspicious of the company or wish to file a complaint, you can always use a phone number lookup or caller complaints site for assistance.

Martin Verite is a freelance reporter and technologist who has spent years covering the telecommunications industry. Find out everything you need to know about reverse cell phone lookups at his site


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