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Information You Receive From a Reverse Cell Phone Finder and Privacy Concerns


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Do an online search in any of the major Internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, etc. , for “reverse cell phone finder. " You'll return thousands of results. Do you find that hard to believe? What may be harder to believe is the fact that new reverse cell phone finder directories are going online all the time.

Why would you want to use a reverse cell phone finder? Perhaps you have someone's cell phone number, but want to find out to whom it belongs. Perhaps this person's number keeps appearing on your cell phone. Now, it's quick and easy to find out to whom that cell phone number belongs. You don't have to pay money to hire anyone. You can do it all yourself.

A reverse cell phone finder is easy to use, once you select one. You simply enter a cell phone number into the appropriate location on the form and submit it. Rather quickly, you'll receive a page of information. There are several pieces of information that you'll see right away.

1. City and state. This information tells you where the phone was issued. 2. Phone line type. It will list the line type as cellular. However, this should be obvious to you if you've requested a cell phone lookup.

These pieces of information are available immediately and to anyone who performs a free lookup. Any free reverse cell phone finder will provide only the most basic information. What if you're looking for more?

You need to take the next step and pay a fee. If you want the most recent and accurate information, you'll only get this from a site where payment is required. It's nothing that should worry you, and it's not a scam. The provider needs a source of income so it can pay people to do the research and gather the information for everyone in their database.

Once you pay for your report, there are several additional pieces of information that you'll most likely receive.

1. Registered name of the owner of that cell phone.

2. Address of the registered owner of that cell phone.

3. Cell phone carrier.

4. Age of the cell phone owner.

5. Income and home value.

6. History of addresses.

While the fact that some of this information is available over the Internet may frighten you, it's really not much of a change from regular living.

Some people have tried to argue that selling this information to people puts you in danger. However, all the information in the report is a matter of public record. If people are worried about this time of scam, they're thinking too much. With the use of computers every day now, people should concern themselves with phishing and such.

While the number of reverse cell phone finder directories continues to go up, it can be expected that the number of people using them will go up as well. People just need to remember that the amount of information they'll receive from these reports may vary, and to get the right information, you need to pay.

Trevor Kassulke owns and operates
Phone Number Finder and Cell Phone Number Locator.


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