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How to Stop Prank Calls - Get Your Peace & Quiet Back


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Prank calls can be frustrating and quite the opposite of harmless pranks if they are harassing, consistent and even threatening. how to stop prank calls is one of the first things on peoples minds when they are awakened at 3 AM in the morning by some idiot who thinks it is funny or maybe someone who wishes you harm, in any case there are a few things about prank calling you should know.

1. Prank Calls Are Illegal
Perhaps giggling teenagers are not worth getting too angry about but what they are doing is illegal and the more sinister prank callers are defiantly crossing the line and can be prosecuted or made to stop by court orders. Your privacy in your home is protected by law in terms of phone calls and harassing callers are doing the wrong thing morally and in the eyes of the law.

2. Prank Callers Can Be Tracked
Before you can get the police involved you need evidence and some form of evidence, you can contact the phone companies but this can take a long time. Instead if you know the phone number of the caller you have a much easier option by using what is known as a reverse phone lookup. There are directories online that allow you to enter a phone number and they will return the details and location of the person who called giving you evidence to use or at least a piece of mind about who is annoying you.

How to stop prank calls strikes trouble when you encounter cell phone prank callers. While home phone numbers are listed for free and are a part of the public domain so anyone wishing to publish a phone directory can get the information cell phones are not given out for free. This means you must use a cell phone reverse look up service to investigate call pranks which are different because they have purchased cell phone details from many private databases (all legally) to bring you a complete cell phone listing, the best ones also have unlisted numbers to trace pranksters hiding behind those sorts of numbers too.

If you want to know the details of a prank caller click below to test out the most complete reverse phone directory on the net!


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