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How Do I Get a Telemarketer to Stop Calling Me?


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Tired of all those telemarketing calls? Why put up with them when there are ways for you to protect your phone privacy, and there are different actions you can take to make the calls stop? Instead of always allowing telemarketers the upper hand by doing your best to ignore your ringing telephone, take control of the situation and reduce the number of calls you receive.

How can you achieve this? The following are helpful and effective suggestions:

Register your phone number with the Do Not Call List - A National Do Not Call Registry exists and it is free to join. Register all of your telephone numbers with this service, and after 31 days from the time you registered, you are protected from all unsolicited calls except for those made by non profit organizations, survey and political groups. If a telemarketer phones you and this call goes against the Registry's regulations, you are then permitted to file a formal complaint.

Ask the telemarketer to put your number on their internal do-not-call-list - By law, all telemarketing agencies are permitted to have their own company-specific do not call list. Instead of always telling the telemarketer you are not interested and hanging up on them, legally put a stop to the calls by remaining on the line and saying “please place my phone number on your do not call list". As soon as you make this official request, they must adhere to it and refrain from calling you back in the future.

Tell the solicitor you are registered with the NDNCR and will be filing a formal complaint against their company - If you receive unsolicited calls obtain the name of the agent, their company and any other pertinent details. Then let the telemarketer know you won't put up with their invasion of your privacy, and inform them you will be filing a formal complaint with the FCC or FTC.

Make them wish they never called you - If you encounter an exceptionally persistent telemarketing firm, you can stop telemarketers and annoying calls from ever wanting to contact you again by being the most irritating phone consumer you can possibly be. This doesn't mean you should be rude or threatening (as this is never a good way to deal with any form of harassment), instead, reverse the tables and make the telemarketers want to hang up on you!

This can be achieved with a little creativity, such as:
- attempting to sell something of your own to the caller
- Telling them someone is at the door and putting them on indefinite hold while you go about your business.
- Telling them all of your problems, ailments and complaints if they ever ask the question “How are you today?"
- Etc.

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can stop telemarketers from calling you. You will find that depending on the telemarketing call, you may need to resort to different actions.

Dwayne is an old consumer advocate who has way too much time on his hands (the wife says) so he rants to his audience on EzineArticles.


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