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Free Reverse Phone Searches Does it Exist?


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You are not the first one to ask whether free reverse phone searches exist. There many online users, maybe yourselves, that have been disappointed or even scammed by websites claiming to offer services or product they do not really have. A website may claim to offer free reverse phone searches but may eventually direct you to a paid site. Does it mean that free reverse phone searches do not exists?

Before we answer that question, for the benefit of those who are still not sure what a reverse search on phone number means, a reverse search service enables users to find out detailed information about an individual just by the telephone number alone. The number can be a landline, an unlisted number or even a cell phone number. People use such services for various reasons. Just to name a few:

1. Stop prank callers.

2. Check on possible cheating spouses.

3. Locating a long lost friend.

4. Background check on an individual, for example, prospective employees. And more.

Coming back to the question of whether services offering free reverse phone searches exist. The key lies on the line type you are referring to. Free reverse phone searches on landlines and toll-free numbers can be easily done on online whitepages. Therefore, there is no need to use paid services for such numbers.

Cellphone numbers on the other hand, can only be searched using paid services. This is largely due to the source of data that the search providers work with. The providers have to pay for the use as well as maintenance of such information, typically supplied by data collection companies, in order to make sure that information is accurate and up-to-date. Hence the cost. Having said that, the more established providers are able to offer sometimes more than what you ask for, from comprehensive phone report all the way to detailed background information like address history and even criminal record if any. These services are very handy if you are serious about investigating a particular individual.

Before you sign up for a service, it is important to read reviews on it to make sure that they are not scams. Also, a legitimate service will always provide free reverse phone searches that will give you at least the state where the number is registered. By doing so, you know that the number you are searching for exists in the database and you can decide then whether to pay for detailed information afterwards.

In conclusion, free reverse phone searches are available for landline and toll-free numbers only. For mobile and unlisted numbers, go for legitimate paid services which allow you to do unlimited search on cell phone and unlisted numbers for a one-time fee.

Conduct a reverse phone number lookup and get comprehensive phone report for a one time fee.

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Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Do Such Websites Exist?
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