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Pros And Cons Of LCD Televisions


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Televisions have become a primary product in almost every home of United Kingdom. As technology improves, the needs and preferences of consumers are also changing. While you decide to get home a TV integrated with the technology of LCD, it is essential to consider certain factors like room lighting, type of viewing and viewing distance. Apart from these primary factors, consider your usage, pixel count, maximum brightness and contrast ratio, pros and cons of the LCD technology.


  • LCD technology uses flat panel to offer clear display in televisions.
  • LCD technology does not suffer by light output degrades due to phosphor wear, with time to time.
  • As the length of tunnel has been shortening greatly, LCD displays are much better at an angle.
  • Its displays have become the reference for personal computing.
  • It offers digital format display which ensures high quality of images.
  • It involves direct access of pixels on a flat screen.
  • LCD technology filters or blocks light in 3 primary colours of red, green and blue at each pixel in order to create an image.
  • LCD technology needs only low voltage of power to operate.
  • It creates much less heat and consumes less electricity.
  • It can be shown in various displays like CES, VOOM and HD Ready format.
  • It replaces the cathode ray picture tube. Instead of which it uses pixels that are addressed digitally in a television.
  • Most of the LCD TV’s are designed with the feature of non-reflective face.
  • It is easy to keep this LCD television. You can place it anywhere in your room.
  • It is easy to hide connections for power and signal inside the wall.
  • LCD television occupies only less space to keep it in your reception.
  • They are designed to hang even in ceiling like a picture or painting.
  • LCD technology televisions are far less fragile in nature.
  • Some of the LCD televisions have a slick new mechanism which will cover with high-end artistic reproductions that roll away when you want to watch TV.
  • Some of LCD televisions have created UFO software which allows you to innovatively place the slim sets. So you can move the set out of the way in number of innovative configurations.
  • As it consumes low power and produces low heat, it reduces the usage of fans for ventilation.

  • LCD technology has not grown in the screen size like plasma. The largest measurement of LCD television is only 50 inches.
  • The manufacturing cost of LCD is somewhat high.
  • LCD technology has very high response delay. This delay may cause fast motion to blur.
  • LCD televisions are more expensive.
  • These LCD televisions are not available in larger sizes.
  • The viewing angle of these LCD technologies can be big problem.
  • LCD televisions are facing the problem of producing inappropriate colour of black while some light passes. So the best black on most LCD screens is a dark gray.
  • These are the merits and demerits of having LCD technology in the televisions. The knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of this LCD technology will be useful for you to select an appropriate flat panel technology of television.

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