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Satellite radio is a commercial free digital radio service offered to subscribers for a fee. This type of service will sound clearer than regular radio because the signal is sent to the receiver directly via satellite, unlike regular radio signals which can easily be disrupted by any form of interference as well as distance from the source.

Advantages of satellite radio

Other than a clearer reception, satellite radio has many more advantages over conventional radio. Since it generates its income through membership fees it does not need to sell advertisement time to other companies. Therefore, satellite radio is mostly commercial free.

Satellite radio will also provide you with a wider geographical range in signal strength. Unlike regular radio which relies on signal strength of their antennas, and your receiver?s ability to pick up their frequency, satellite radio receive its signal directly from the communications satellite. Therefore, anywhere you go you will always have a clear reception. Because of this they will also be able to provide radio service to the more rural areas which normally does not receive the regular radio signals.


Satellite radio is available all over the United States, as well as in many other countries. The United States has two providers of satellite radio. Their service, cost, and availability are almost identical to each other, with the only difference coming with the types of receivers they sell and some specific programming. With both service providers you will be able to listen to many different types of radio programs and music without any interruptions and with crystal clear reception.

Necessary equipment

Satellite radio will require you to purchase a new receiver in order for you to take advantage of this service. These units are very inexpensive; in fact most new cars today already include a satellite radio receiver already installed. You will be able to buy units for your home, as well as units for you car. Once you subscribe to this service you will be able to listen to your satellite radio anywhere you go. You will not be limited to listening to it in only one location.

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