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I’m sure at this point of the year 2007 you’ve heard about digital recording. If you haven’t, then I’m sorry but you need to get out of the box you’ve been hiding in. Digital recording is easier, faster, and believe it or not cheaper. Discs are smaller, more durable, and much cooler than bulky cassettes and the picture is unbelievable better.

Now, a digital recording isn’t the same as your old, clunky VCR. Viewing digitized video, like DVDs, is far more appealing than analog tape like your VCR’s but before you join the DVD burning revolution, you'll need to decide what type of DVD recorder makes sense for you.

You have two primary types: a set-top DVD recorder designed to live inside your entertainment cabinet or a PC DVD burner coupled with a video-input or TV-tuner device. Which method you choose should depend upon the type of video you want to capture. Here are some of the most popular and best bargained DVD recorders being sold in stores:

  1. Panasonic DMR-EH55S DVD Recorder Hard Drive Combination - If you are really into making copies of family videos, then this is the one for you. The DMR-EH55S continues towards the trend of DVD Recorder/Hard Drive Combos. This DVD recorder offers a wealth of conveniences, including the ability to record and play several DVD formats, a large 200GB Hard Drive for temporary video storage, as well as an SD Card slot for playback of digital still photos from digital cameras that use SD cards.
  2. Panasonic DMR-ES15S DVD Recorder - The Panasonic is great example of how far DVD Recorders have come since they were first introduced. The ES-15S records in a variety recordable DVD formats, has both analog and DV audio/video inputs, and offers an enhanced 4-hour recording mode that approaches the quality of the 2-hour recording mode. If you are getting into DVD recording for the first time, or just upgrading, be sure to check out this one.
  3. Toshiba RDXS55 DVD Recorder/Hard Drive Combo with HDMI Output - If you own an HD-compatible television, you may want to check this one out. The RDXS55 not only features DVD-R/-RW and DVD-RAM recording capability, combined with a large 250GB hard drive, but it also features 720p/1080i up-scaling output capability for both commercial and home recorded DVDs via its HDMI output.
  4. Pioneer DVR-640H-S DVD Recorder/Hard Drive Combination - With a stylish profile, excellent complement of features, recording capability, very good video/audio quality in both recording and with progressive scan playback operation, the 640 is an example of how good a DVD recorder can be in terms of consistent performance and practical features. It includes two sets of AV inputs and two sets of AV outputs.
  5. Sony RDR-GX330 DVD Recorder – The key to this Sony is flexibility. It has the ability to record in four of the five available recordable DVD formats. You can easily make DVDs that will play in just about any type of DVD player. Additionally, it has high-end playback features, including progressive scan with 3:2 pull-down detection, plus a full complement of video inputs, including a DV input.
  6. Toshiba D-RW2 DVD Recorder - The Toshiba D-RW2 DVD may be for you the recorder for you if you’re interested in just the basics. For home theater connectivity, the D-RW2 has component video outputs with progressive scan as well a both digital optical and digital coaxial audio outputs, in addition to standard analog video and audio outputs.
  7. Samsung DVD-R135 - DVD recorder - The Samsung DVD-R135 is a relatively inexpensive and stylish DVD recorder with HDMI up-scaling. It is a nice starter unit for those just getting into recording but it's not quite as good as the above models.

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