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I guess you have been watching with amusement the never ending marketing duels between satellite TV operators and cable television companies and you can no longer afford to sit on the fence and accept just any package either of these rivals is offering subscribers like you, right?

If so, then there is need for you to scrutinize closely what both the Satellite TV and Cable TV are offering before settling for the one you think satisfies you.

Note that you should always think of what will satisfy you first before thinking of what will satisfy the particular provider.

After all, it’s all about you, right? You should come first in terms of enjoyment and cost.

So, if you are a subscriber to one of the two and are contemplating switching allegiance, do not rush into signing up without first considering vital factors like availability, picture and audio quality, programming choices, and the overall expense.

One positive fall out of the intense marketing rivalry between satellite and cable TV providers is the improved services and moderate fees charged by both competitors.

With cable television, type of channels and price you pay for the service depends largely on the region you live in.

One way cable subscribers can reduce the cost and get a good discount from the operators is to prove that you can get the channels you want for a lesser amount from satellite TV service.

In terms of programming options, satellite TV is miles ahead of its cable counterpart, but cable service make up for this shortcoming by having superior local programming content.

Unfortunately, anyone resident in rural communities like a good buddy of mine named Marvin might not be able to access cable TV services, so its fierce rival wins the battle here because it is the only option for such people.

But the victory is momentary for obvious reasons; if your locality lack a direct line of sight to satellites due to natural factors such as high mountains, etc, then it might be difficult to receive satellite TV signals.

However, if, and it is a big if, your satellite TV provider finds a way round the above problem you can be sure that you will be charged extra for the installation.

So this is an open comparison of the options available to any potential subscriber to either type of television service. The decision to settle for one is yours to make.

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