Dish Network: An Internet Option For Rural Areas


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Time is as valuable as money. It is not something that can be wasted in today’s fast-paced world. For many people that live in rural areas around the country, using the Internet at home is a slow, frustrating process. Dialup service is the only option for getting online in these areas because DSL or cable service is not available for those outside of town or city regions. Using dialup can take several minutes to bring up a web page. It can even take hours to download information, programs, or pictures. Forget about watching any web videos that friends or family send you. When a person only has a limited amount of time to spend on searching web pages or writing emails, the faster their Internet service is the more they are able to accomplish. Dish Network, a satellite television provider, has recognized this, and is offering faster online capabilities to those living in these rural areas.

A Partnership To Speed Things Up

Once a person with dialup service leaves their home and uses a computer with high-speed access they realize just how much more they can accomplish while online. Dish Network has partnered with WildBlue Communications so you can now get that faster online service at your rural home. Satellite TV providers have offered high-speed service in the past. However, very few customers signed up because installation costs were too expensive for most people to afford. That was before Dish Network and WildBlue Communications joined forces. Now, those installation costs have been cut in half, and subscriptions and customer demand is surging. As with anything in this world, the more people are asking for something the more it becomes available to all. This is the case for Dish Network customers, and they are happier for it.

Dish Network Offering High-Speed Internet And A Lot More

With the Dishnetwork Satellite Internet package, you are not just getting online service that is ten times faster than dial-up. Every new customer is also given at least five email addresses so every member of the family can have their own. This allows you to keep the mail you send and receive private from others as well as keeping an organized inbox that is not filled with names you do not recognize. You also get at least 10 MB of storage to keep all the files and videos you want. Dishnetwork also includes 18 months of free anti-virus software to keep your computer safe. If any problems should occur, then simply call the free Dishnetwork service and software support that available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Installation is also free to make sure everything is connected properly so you can be up and running on the worldwide web faster than ever before.

Faster online capabilities are not the only benefit of being with Dishnetwork satelite services. Also available is the incredible amount of TV entertainment programming and all the free things that come with joining. New customers receive free equipment, a free digital video recorder (DVR) upgrade, free shipping of your equipment, and free installation in up to four rooms allowing you to watch four different programs in your home at one time. Through their Internet and Television Satellite services,

Dishnetwork has been voted the top in Customer Satisfaction by J. D. Power and Associates which means many, many people trust them. Perhaps you can, too.

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Rural Areas Handicapped by Lack of Broadband Access
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