Satellite TV: Providing Great…Radio?


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For music lovers who thrive on surrounding themselves with the uninterrupted sound of their favorite tunes, satellite TV may provide the perfect diversion. As satellite radio has expanded in popularity since 1992, it has become evident that the format provides almost limitless listening opportunities with hundreds of stations representing nearly every genre of music imaginable. As millions of customers know, the commercial free format offered by satellite radio provides a more pure listening experience than any traditional radio broadcast.

However, for many cash strapped or budget conscious consumers, the switch to satellite radio has been delayed. For them, the additional purchase of a receiver and the monthly subscription fee for the service is not in their entertainment budget. For these more hesitant buyers, satellite TV is apparently able to step in and fill the audio void.

Satellite TV providers have been somewhat quietly providing satellite radio to their customers for a number of years now. Dish Network for example has included over 60 Sirius satellite radio channels in many of their programming packages for their customers at no additional cost since 2004. This is in addition to a similar number of channels of Dish Music and CD music. The combination of the diverse, commercial free satellite radio offerings and the outstanding digital, CD quality audio of satellite TV is the perfect pairing for any audio enthusiast.

Whether a fan of contemporary or classic pop, rock, soul, country, Hip Hop, R&B, Christian, or Electronic Dance the Sirius stations can provide the sound that's required. Any holes in the music programming of the satellite TV provider are quickly filled by Dish Music and CD channels providing everything from KidsTunes to jazz.

Certainly, the majority of consumers in the US purchase some type of premium television service such as cable or satellite TV to enjoy in their homes. For anyone who is a music fan, satellite TV appears to be a great way to get some of the benefits of satellite radio without the additional cost. Great TV and great music for one price, what's not to love?

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Satellite Radio vs. Digital HD Radio - And The Winner Is
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