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An evaluation of latest promotions from authorized retailers and a Dish Network vs. DirecTV comparison. These are probably the two most important pieces of information that you as a potential satellite TV buyer will be looking for. Dish Network and DirecTV hold the top two places in terms of satellite TV subscribers so it is only natural that you would want to compare them. Once you have chosen between them, you will be looking for the best deal possible. Before we see where to get the latest information on satellite TV deals and promotions, let’s start with the comparison.

There are inevitably, when comparing Dish Network and DirecTV, going to be quite a few similarities. In part this is because they are similar technologies, but it is mostly because they are competing against each other. They need to provide most of the things their competitor provides. These similarities might not influence your decision to choose one or the other but it is worth mentioning them since this information is useful, particularly if you need evidence to show how satellite TV exceeds the standard of equipment and digital services that you get with cable.

Dish Network
Digital Channels - 100%
4 room standard system - Yes
Free Delivery and Installation - Yes
Equipment purchase or lease - Leased
Reinstall on moving –Yes

Digital Channels -100%
4 room standard system - Yes
Free and Installation - Yes
Equipment purchase or lease - Leased
Reinstall on moving - Yes

Now a look at the important differences that will determine which of the two services you choose. First of all a Dish Network vs. DirecTV comparison looking at differences in equipment and services.

Dish Network
Protection Plan - 18 months free
HD - Free
DVR - Free
HD DVR Combi - Free
DVR Service Fee - $5.98/mo
Additional TVs - $5/mo per TV

Protection Plan - $5.99/mo
HD - 99 with $99 rebate
DVR - $99 with $99 rebate
HD DVR Combi - $299 with $100 rebate
DVR Service Fee - $5.99/mo
Additional TVs - $4.99/mo per TV

Finally, a sample of their programming packages will be used in our Dish Network vs. DirecTV comparison to highlight the differences in their programming output. The price for most packages shown includes rebates.

Dish Network
Package 1- America’s Top 100 $19.99/mo
Package 2 - America’s Top 200 $32.99/mo
Package 3 - America’s Top 250 $42.99/mo
Package 4 - America’s ‘Everything’ $79/mo
Locals - $5/mo
Locals Availablility - 95%
DVR + HD - $59.99/mo
International - > 20 languages

Package 1 - Choice $39.99/mo
Package 2 - Choice Plus $49.99/mo
Package 3 - Choice Premier $89.99/mo
Locals - Free
Locals Availablility - 91%
DVR + HD - Plus HD $59.99/mo
International - 13 languages

The subscriber and growth figures may also be of interest. Often it’s worth following trends as an aid to making your choice. In 2006, 1 million new subscribers joined Dish Network taking their total number of subscribers in excess of 12 million. DirecTV couldn’t match Dish Network in adding about 0.7 million subscribers in the same period.

Having researched this article and at the time of writing, it is apparent that whilst DirecTV is a good product, it can’t quite compete with the Dish Network. But it is really up to you the buyer to make that decision and your decision may depend on what you are offered by retailers of the respective systems.

Dish Network vs. DirecTV Comparison – Where to Get the Best Offers
To compare the best Dish Network and DirecTV retailer offers, you need to check information on a daily basis. For this reason it’s not worth giving details here. It is also the reason why you need to be quick once your mind is made up what to buy. Promo codes, money back guarantee and nationwide installation are three pre-requisites that you must look for in a deal. The recommendation here is to go to a comparison website for the best DirecTV and Dish Network Satellite TV deals, especially to find a retailer with nationwide installation and a money back guarantee.

James Taylorthe provides information on Dish Network and DirecTV equipment, special deals and Authorized Retailers to the Dish-Network-Directory.


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