Dish Network Offers - How To Find The Best Deals And Save Your Money At The Same Time


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Dish Network offers must meet all the points covered here before they can be described as a best buy. It is essential that you make sure you find the promotions that tick all the boxes, and save you money. This article assumes that you have already made your choice to order a Dish Network system. In other words you have done your buyer research by first comparing satellite TV vs cable, and having chosen satellite TV, done a Dish Network vs. DirecTV comparison. That was the easy part. Now you have two choices, one is to wade through the plethora of Dish Network retailer web sites searching in vain for a difference. The other is to follow the advice here, these are tips and guidelines that will save you money in the long run.

What to Expect as Standard in a Dish Network Offer

With Dish Network and DirecTV competing for satellite TV buyers, there are several features that you can demand from any offer. So if you have already looked at some Dish Network retailer offers you will know that you can expect these things as standard:

  • Free Dish TV Equipment
  • Free Installation
  • free Dish DVR upgrade – Digital Video Recorder
  • free Dish HD receiver upgrade – High Definition

That was a list of features in any offer that should be taken as read. What we are going to do now is look at a more important list. These are things that some retailers will offer and others will miss out, the criteria which a retailer should meet before you spend your money. These are the factors that will save you money, either at the time of signing up or over the longer term.

Dish Network Offers – A list of Must-Have’s

  • Authorized Retailer that has been in business at least 5 years
  • Authorized Retailer that is in the top 5 Dish Network Dealers
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee - if you change your mind you get your activation fee and monthly programming charges returned
  • Free Home Protection Plan
  • $100 Rebates on standard programming packages
  • $200 rebates on HD programming packages
  • Free introductory trial period on premium programming packages
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • Nationwide Installer that is certified, insured, gives a 90 day installation guarantee - and installs within 7 days
  • Buy online or on phone, plus telephone support
  • Free Gift e. g. personal DVD player, home theater system

If a retailer offer meets all of these, you can consider their Dish Network offer to be in the best buy category.

Dish Network Offers – Finding the Best

Before we look at where to find the offers, let us recap on the importance of what we have discussed here. It is imperative that you only use a well established and above-all authorized Dish Network retailer. This means that the retailer will have the required infrastructure to get your system installed quickly, and to support you should you need help in using the system, or for getting an upgrade should you decide to enhance your system in the future.

Dish Network offers from retailers change regularly, this as mentioned before, is a result of competition between retailers and competition with DirecTV. In order to find a deal with the aforementioned must-have’s, you should comparison shop for your Dish Network satellite TV system, ideally by using a site that allows you compare all features side-by-side. Comparison shopping is particularly useful in providing you with the latest up-to-the-minute information, especially when many offers are time-limited.

James Taylorthe researches information on Dish Network Authorized Retailers equipment, special deals and Dish Network Offers to the Dish-Network-Directory.


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