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PC Satellite TV or DirecTV - Which is The Best Choice?

Andrew Perry

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In two different corners of your house, previously serving two different functions, your computer and your television are locked in a silent competition for your attention whether you know it or not. Unexpectedly, in the last few years, the playing field has certainly leveled and, with the advent of PC Satellite TV, your computer is coming out a clear winner. This software essentially turns your computer into a television, letting you enjoy thousands of channels, and even if compared with options like DirecTV, come out a clear winner. .

While a world where a TV and a Computer could be considered contributing members of the household is terrifying if not all that far-fetched, it can be argued convincingly that your computer is pulling its weight while your television doesn't. Households that boast of satellite service like DirecTV spend around a hundred dollars a month on things like programming and receiver rental. For your favorite episode of Grey's Anatomy on your computer in less than an hour, you pay for the software and then you're ready to go. Satellite TV for your PC can be significantly cheaper than DirecTV, and this is even keeping in mind the fact that the episodes of many shows can be downloaded immediately and completely legally.

Another issue is equipment. Many of the programs that run Satellite TV on your PC, don't require any hardware to operate because the satellite tv signal is sent via the internet. A fast broadband connection is ideal but not essential, you can still view your favorite TV show on your computer with even a 56k modem, this shows a versatility that your television set lacks. Compare this to what's required for DirecTV, you need delivery and installation of receiver and remote which can run into the hundreds of dollars.

What About Quality?

One consideration that needs to be made when comparing satellite TV on your computer with direcTV, is the quality of picture and sound. There is no question that DirecTV offers excellent quality picture and sound, whereas satellite television that you watch on your computer or notebook may not be quite as good in some circumstances. When I say this, the difference is not all that big a deal and some other factors that affect the audio and video on your computer are, screen quality, computer sound system and Internet connection speed. Considering the huge difference in pricing between DirecTV and PC satellite TV, you would have to be extremely exacting to want to pay all that extra money for the moderate improvement in sound and picture that DirecTV offers.

One very important point is you can watch your computer signal or output on your big screen or entertainment center, this means you are not confined to just watching the internet TV on your computer.

Similarly, computers play well with others. How often have you been frustrated with family and household members hogging the set? This problem effectively disappears when you're watching all your favorite shows on your computer. Similarly, why pay services like DirecTV when you can facilitate and determine your own programming for little to no cost?

Programming exposure is another big reason to choose Satellite TV for PC software. Some of the companies like DirecTV can have limits on what you can watch, even though they claim to have every channel you could wish for. What many people don't realize is that they have limitations on what they can broadcast when and where. Blackouts on sports where particular games can't be shown in certain parts of the country is quite common. Also there can be issues with some stations refusing to negotiate with satellite providers and yanking their programming. If this happens you could just lose your favorite channel for ever.

conclusion: The competition between the computer and television is one that is going to determine the new center of the household and in this, instance, at least, we can see the computer pulling ahead!

Andrew Perry is a successful author and technology reviewer who's mission is helping people find the best products and avoid the scams. Discover The Truth About Satellite TV on Your PC: Download Your Free Revealing Report on PC Satellite TV here: Satellite TV for Your PC Review


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