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Dish Network Brings New Technology To Subscribers


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If there was ever a great time to sign up for satellite TV service with Dish Network that time would be now. That's because Dish Network has better service than it ever has before. Since it was founded in the early nineteen nineties, Dish Network has continually improved its service in a variety of ways. It started out with more great channels than any cable TV company could provide at the time and has only added more options since then. In fact, Dish Network's ability to provide lots of channels is what has stimulated the production of even more television channels over the past decade and a half.

Another major advantage over cable television that Dishnetwork Satellite TV started out with is the fact that all of its programming is delivered in digital television format which produces a vividly clear picture along with digital sound quality. The result is a picture and sound quality which is unmatched by the analog television signal that most cable TV providers use to deliver their programming. Along with the digital television signal, Dish Network has made interactive television features a part of its service from the beginning. The most popular interactive feature provided by Dishnetwork Satellite TV on all of its programming packages is the Electronic Program Guide. The Electronic Program Guide, or EPG as it's often referred to, is a great way to manage the hundreds of channels you might have access to depending on which programming package you choose. The Electronic Program Guide is displayed on your TV screen in the form of a table when you press the “Guide" button on the remote control that comes with your satellite receiver. The information about the programs available for you to watch appears in the cells of the table. The information associated with each program includes helpful things like how long the program will run, who stars in it, when it was made, what it's rated (if that information is available), some kind of a synopsis of the plot, and of course the name of the program. Not only does the EPG allow you to see what's currently showing on every channel, but it also lets you know what will be shown in the future. In fact, some models of Dish Network's satellite receivers will even let you see what's going to be on over a week in advance!

Dish Network has been using all of the technology mentioned above from the beginning, but it has also been on the forefront of bringing new technology onto the market for its subscribers. Digital Video Recording is a great example of just one of the newer technologies that Dish Network has added onto many of its satellite receiver models. A Digital Video Recorder allows you to record all of the programming that's airing when you can't watch it so you can go back and watch the recording when it's convenient for you. All of the recordings- up to two hundred hours worth of video on some models- are stored on a built in hard disk in all digital TV format. That means that not only will you not have to deal with the inconveniences of video cassettes, but when you go to watch your recorded video, it will be replayed with the same high quality picture and sound of the original broadcast. A Dishnet Digital Video Recorder is also much easier to program than a traditional VCR with the help of the Electronic Program Guide.

With even more great new technologies like HDTV, you really can't go wrong with satellite TV from Dish Network.

J. Hall writes articles for consumers who want to find the best Dish Network offers currently available. She has written for many major publications about the latest Dish Network Deals and promotions and how buyers can find the best discounts.


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