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DirecTV satellite system is the most popular satellite TV service provider in the United States. It has nearly 14.5 million customers spread over Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and continental United States. DirecTV offers many free facilities to its customers and charges a nominal amount for its services.

What Can You Get?

DirecTV satellite system provides and installs a free satellite TV dish so that the signals from its satellite can be captured and relayed to the receivers. It also provides up to four different receiver systems so that you can enjoy four different programs on separate televisions. Along with the receivers, DirecTV also provides remote controls for operating the various equipments such as VCR, satellite TV system, TV and DVD player.

Besides the above equipment, DirecTV satellite system also offers free DVR receiver so that you can rewind and pause TV programs, recording the programs that you like for viewing at a later time. It also provides an HD (high definition) receiver to enable you to enjoy HD programs. Directv satellite system installs all equipment free of charge and also provides in-home instructions for operating them.

Programming Packages

The basic package of DirecTV programming with all the free equipment as described above costs only $ 29.99 per month. A very reasonable and affordable deal. The package is known as the Total Choice Package and it includes 155 satellite TV channels along with 50 XM satellite radio channels. You can also get three months free viewing of Starz, HBO, and Showtime. The rate of $29.99 is applicable for the first three months and thereafter you are charged $41.99 per month.

The next higher category of satellite TV programming from DirecTV is the Total Choice Plus package that costs $46.99 per month. You can get 185 satellite TV channels and 67 XM satellite radio channels in this package. If you are willing to spend $96.99 per month, you can enjoy 250 satellite TV channels as well as 67 XM satellite radio channels. This is known as the Total Choice Premier Package and it also includes HBO, Starz, and Showtime.

You can also enjoy local channels for which you’ll have to pay an extra $3 per month. The days of over-the-air antennas are now over as satellite systems have revolutionized the entire concept of TV viewing. Digital transmission and satellite communications have improved the picture quality and sound reception to such a degree that the earlier TV reception now seems primitive. DirecTV has brought in new technology and is providing digital satellite TV programming at most affordable rates. You can also place your order for a DirecTV satellite system online. Subscribe to DirecTV satellite system for the latest in broadcasting technology.

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