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Satellite Shopper's Guide - Dish Network vs DirecTV


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Anyone who’s looking for satellite TV deals will be asking this common question: Dish Network or DirecTV? Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer quite the same programming packages in close price ranges; more over, their satellite system, DVR functions, and promotion free gifts are quite alike as well. Considering all the similarities on their services, it is not surprise that most satellite shoppers faced dilemma when choosing between Dish Network and DirecTV. However, there are still substantial differences between these two satellite companies when you dig deep enough. The purpose of this article is to sort out the plus and minus point for both Dish and DirecTV which in turn, help you to choose between them.

Dish Network

There are lots of advantage with Dish Network when compare to DirecTV.

If you own a HD television, I am sure you wish to have as much HD channels as you can. In this case, Dish Network is the choice you should go with, as Dish Network is offering the most HD channels in the States (31 national HD channels plus a big chunk of local channels in HD including their latest release in HD regional sports network). In contrast, DirecTV has less HDTV programming to offer (11 national HD channels at time of writing).

Despite HD channels availability, monthly subscription fees is also lower with Dish Network. Dish Network monthly fees starts from $19.99/mo (with DishFamily); DirecTV, $29.99/mo (with DirecTV Family). Both programming package offers 40+ programming choices but the monthly price turned out $10 in difference.

For other standard programming packages, Dish Network America’s Top 100, Top 200, Top 250, and Everything Pak cost $29.99, $42.99, $52.99, $89.99 monthly; compare with DirecTV similar package: Choice $39.99/mo, Choice Xtra $54.99/mo, Plus $59.99/mo, and Premier $99.99/mo – the difference should tell you clearly who’s the winner.

On the other hand, there is weakness with Dish Network services as well. The main negative point with Dish Network services is their customer service. Dish Network does provide 24-7 live call customer support. However, the quality of the support is where it should be improved. Many complain that the persons who answer customer calls hardly speak English and do not have sufficient technical knowledge in answering their questions. A simple search of ‘Dish Network complains’ on the Internet should provide you enough customer feedbacks on the problem.


DirecTV is so far the top satellite company in United States in term of customer subscriptions. The main advantage DirecTV has in the competition is their special sport package subscription. On top of their standard programming, DirecTV subscribers get more sport actions than Dish Network users. A good example is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Tickets; you will get 14 live games per week! That’s a whole lot more NFL actions than what Dish Network subscribers getting. Beside NFL, DirecTV also owns some other sport event broadcast rights such as HotPass (for Nascar race) and Mega March Madness (extra college basketball games). The amount of live sport game broadcast in DirecTV is incredibly big. Nevertheless, as said at above, there are a few minus points with DirecTV when compare with Dish Network – mainly in term of the price and the HD channels.


The choice between Dish Network and DirecTV is simple. If you want the tons of live sport games more than anything, DirecTV is your choice. In case you can live with a little lesser live sport games on your TV, but more HD programs and in a cheaper monthly price, then you should go with Dish Network.

In case you would like to know more about how Dish Network and DirecTV stack up, learn more at 's Dish Network vs DirecTV guide.

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