6 Great VoIP Perks Enjoyed By Callers Who Decided To Switch To A VoIP Service


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People who are unfamiliar with the options that VoIP phone services have to offer are quite often surprised at the choices. This new type of phone service doesn't use regular telephone lines and it doesn't cut corners in the options department.

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is nothing more than a phone service that uses a broadband Internet connection instead of phone poles and lines to make communication possible. This type of phone service works just like the regular phone service, but it doesn't cost nearly as much. This means callers can dial out and receive phone calls just like regular phone users would. There are no restrictions that say Internet phone users may only call Internet phone users either.

While quality used to be an issue with VoIP services, this is no longer the case. As broadband connections get better and better, Internet phone services are matching and even beating regular connections for quality and options.

Some of the extra features that VoIP phone users are finding that are now available include:

* Unlimited calling. Just like some mobile phone providers, VoIP service providers tend to offer unlimited calling as part of the standard package. This might include local, national long distance and even international long distance. This can be a great perk for phone users who make a lot of long distance calls. The cost savings can add up very fast.

* Caller ID. One of the reasons many people love their regular phones is having the ability to see who is calling before they answer. Many VoIP providers now offer this service, too.

* Call blocking. This standard feature of regular phone services now extends to many VoIP services. This feature allows users to stop callers from calling.

* Call waiting. Some VoIP providers offer call waiting and even multi-line services so busy people and businesses can get their jobs done without missing a call.

* Call return. Automatic call return is one of the many features now found standard among VoIP service providers.

* Personal secretary services. From wake up calls to message taking, VoIP providers are making the secretarial services available on regular phones available to their own customers. These services might cost a little extra, but they generally are more than within reach.

VoIP services used to offer virtually no perks and really bad connections. As this technology moves forward and more major name players get into the game, the perks offered to VoIP customers just keep getting better.

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