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It used to be that an Internet phone service was clucky, crackly and just not worth the price of admission. Thanks to companies like Vonage VoIP, however, this bad reputation is quickly going away. Offering reliable service at a fraction of the pricing regular telephone companies charge, VoIP is gaining in popularity for a number of solid reasons.

Vonage VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is considered one of the leaders in the Internet telephone industry. This company has been on the ground floor of the movement and is responsible for setting some of the industry standards enjoyed by customers today. Although Vonage offers phone services for both business and residential clients, we’ll take a look at the features this different kind of communications company offers home users.

Some of the things that make Vonage VoIP stand out, over its longevity in the field, include:

* Pricing plans. Vonage VoIP is famous for its flat-rate monthly fees. Standard unlimited calling packages that include both local and long distance calls are typically about $25 a month. When a lot of long distance calls are made, this is a cost saving that’s pretty phenomenal!

* Phone choice. Vonage VoIP offers customers the ability to keep their old phones. Working with a specialized adapter, this is great for those who just don’t want to buy new equipment to save money on calls.

* Features. Vonage VoIP provides all the same features as regular phone service, and it does it within the flat-rate fee. Included in the sticker price are such perks as voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and even around the clock customer service. A total of 20 standard features are included in basic packages.

* European calling. Vonage VoIP even offers unlimited free calls to select countries in Europe. While this doesn’t include calls to cell phones, it can really rack up the savings for those who make calls to places such as France, the UK and Ireland on a regular basis.

* Number retention. In many cases, Vonage VoIP is able to allow customer to keep their old telephone number. This makes switching all the more simple. This particular perk can be a big one for those who have had the same number for years and fear the hassles of switching.

It’s considered one of the pioneers in the Internet phone business. Vonage VoIP is known for its cost-saving, reliable plans that open up a good portion of the world for a monthly flat fee.

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