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Watch satellite TV or should you go for cable TV? This long-drawn question or rather debate has been on for years. Perhaps a little more research and comparison of the two can help you to decide whether you should watch satellite TV or go for cable TV. People go for different things when they are making a choice as to whether satellite TV or cable TV is more suitable for them and their families. Essentially, there are some clues or features that differentiate the two and you can actually use them for comparison before making a final conclusion if to watch satellite TV is better for you.

Satellite TV and Cable TV can be compared generally in terms of the quality of the picture, program variety, control and interface functions, pricing, bundled package and the availability of the system. Now, sometimes it is not really a choice for you whether to watch satellite TV or cable TV.

Let me explain. Take for instance, you want to watch cable TV but the place you stay does not have a cable network. Simply put, you can only watch satellite TV programs then. But folks who enjoy cable TV also could face difficulties if they decide to switch to satellite TV. If you live in a built-up urbanized district with many high-rise buildings, your satellite dish system could be obstructed and fail to receive well. Likewise, your home may be a rented place and your landlord refuses to permit any external fixtures. So be sure to check this out first.

Satellite TV and cable TV competes fiercely on almost everything we mentioned earlier. They try to outdo one another by offering more feature-packed controls, cheaper installation and equipment, more TV programs and variety, special bundled deals with hand phones and phone lines, thrown-in gifts, steeper discounts and loyalty rewards for renewing contracts. They have probably done anything you have known on earth to keep their subscribers and to win over those from the other side. Consumers who watch satellite TV or cable TV benefits in the end. Do not feel embarrassed about approaching the satellite TV and cable TV service providers and negotiate with them for better deals. You would be pleasantly surprised that sometimes, they are more than willing to offer you unadvertised goodies.

Some folks watch satellite TV and cable TV or at some point have tried both before. The general consensus is that satellite TV tends to be richer in the TV program quality. Satellite TV offers many international programs and the program spectrum is wide, covering educational programs, entertainment in the form of movies, sports events, and world news and current affairs. The language choices also meant that foreigners or people across the globe can watch satellite TV channels more readily than cable TV.

Satellite TV systems typically are more feature-packed and offer more control functions than cable TV. Subscriptions for satellite TV services are also much cheaper than cable TV. However, there are also areas where cable TV surpasses satellite TV. The setup of a satellite dish system can be rather complicated and the application is less preferred in urban cities where view of the clear sky is limited. Cable TV setup on the other hand is simple and hassle-free.

Be sure to compare the two types of TV systems before coming to a decision. There is now a third choice which is to watch satellite TV on PC using a piece of software which can be downloaded at my blog for quick installation. You can be watching satellite TV from a selection of hundreds of TV channels in the next hour from now.

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