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Web cams are the basic devices of a digital camera and the Internet delivery of images that enable web conferences to take place today. The web cam typically includes a lens, an image sensor, and supporting circuitry and works on advanced electronics technology to enable web conference to take place, where people can interact without feeling the distance barrier as they meet in virtual space and are face to face with each other. Web conference technology makes it possible for two, twenty or many others to have instant communication and exchange thoughts, views, ideas, files, images and more via the delivery channel of the Internet.

What makes for ideal web conferencing is the ability of video to be incorporated in the session and the web cams today also have a choice of many lenses forsetting camera focus for clearer image transfer. The most commonly available ones are plastic lens that can be screwed in and out to set the camera's focus. Other developments in web conference technology are also associated with the advancements in web cams technology. These includes various enhancements made to the image sensors in web cams used for web conferencing today, which are either CMOS or CCD, with the first being popular for use in low-cost cameras. The point to be noted for those who are eager to have perfect output of images displayed during a web conference is to use the best web cams for the session and to also understand that CCD cameras do not necessarily outperform CMOS-based cameras in the low cost price range.

There are many choices available for consumer web cams that enable web conferencing, which usually offer a resolution in the VGA region, at a rate of around 25 frames per second. Most web conference advisors recommend purchasing web cams that have a resolution higher than 1.3 Megapixel. This feature fantastic web cam is also available from the brands Microsoft, Kinamax, Sabrent, Logitech and Vije. Web cams used for web conferences such as the above models named, come equipped with the latest electronic technology support present in them to enable the reading of images from the sensor and transmitting it to the host computer. Many great camera pictures with clear resolution are captured by the Sonix SN9C101, which transmits its images over through the USB of a computer, state web conference veterans. Some cameras used for web conference are also the type used by manufacturers of mobile phone cameras and are a cost-effective option for youngsters and those running SOHO enterprises since these use a CMOS sensor with supporting electronics ‘on die. ’ This means that the web conferencing enabled by these mobile phone cameras work on the technology of the sensor and the electronics being built on a single silicon chip, done primarily to save space and manufacturing costs. The USP for the companies promoting this type of mobile phone camera used for web conferencing cost considerably less than any other type of web conferencing tool. The low manufacturing cost is transferred to the consumer in terms of lower price tag for the web conference tool.

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