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When deciding what type of television service to get, the biggest decision is whether to go with satellite television or cable television. Once you have decided that you want better values and more programming than cable television can offer, you just have to decide which satellite television company is the right one. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this decision, but you should be able to make the right choice by looking at what each company offers and comparing that to your viewing habits and the type of programming you like.

A television service provider should offer a good combination of programming options, value, and advanced technology. If you have a special need like getting high definition television access or sports programming, you will also want to compare those selections. You will find that one company will look better than the other once you have assessed your needs.

Though Dish Network and Directv in are both known for their values and have lower prices than cable television companies, there are major differences between the prices that the two companies charge for their programming. If you are looking for a really good value, Dish Network in tends to be the better company. They have programming packages that begin at under twenty dollars, and even packages with over 100 channels are under thirty dollars. You can even get a special Dishnetwork DVR (Digital Video Recorder) package right now that gives you over 200 channels plus your DVR and installation for under forty dollars a month. These Dishnet Satellite TV prices are low enough to let you upgrade your programming to more advanced equipment or more channels than you would otherwise be able to afford.

Because satellite television programming is so comprehensive, you will not have any trouble finding basic programming through either company. In fact, both offer programming packages that range up to 250 channels and include premium movies, sports, and other special channels. You will also be able to access your locals through either company, though you might be charged extra for this service. Because each company has different programming package sizes, however, you have to carefully compare what channel are included in each package. You might need to upgrade to a larger package to get a specific channel you want with one company when another includes it in a more basic package. Direct TV in tends to have larger entry-level programming packages, while Dish Network's middle programming package is larger. With either company, you can get plenty of premium Movies and all the regular channels you'd expect.

No matter which package you choose, you'll get plenty of extras thrown in. Direct TV offers its customers local channels and XM satellite radio in with every package. Directv also includes a lot of sports programming in its packages. Dish Network in gives Sirius satellite radio and the chance to watch Movies on Demand. It also includes a large variety of interactive television channels that give access to games, entertainment, news, shopping, and sports.

If you are looking for high definition television access, satellite television is definitely the way to go. Either company can get you many more channels than cable television can, though Dish Network definitely offers more HDTV at this time, with a selection of over 31 channels, plus locals where available. This selection can be added on to any programming package for a low monthly fee and promises to keep growing steadily. Direct TV in has 11 HDTV channels- enough to whet your appetite, but not as many as you might like.

Though both satellite companies give you the highest quality television in and the most convenient features, you will only be able to choose one for your home television service. For many people finding the company with the best values will be the right choice. Dishnetwork TV in appears to be the winner. It's time to switch from Cable TV in.

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DirecTV vs Dish Network - To Own or Rent
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