Which Is Better Dish Network Or Direct TV?


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Dish Network and Direct TV both offer fabulous satellite TV entertainment. Choosing a television provider is a big decision and there are many choices to make. It is possible to get bogged down in determining who is the best provider and who give the best values. Though it is clear that satellite television has many advantages over cable television, there is no clear winner between the two satellite television companies: Direct TV and Dish Network. Both companies have many different benefits to offer customers and depending on your exact situation, either company might be the right choice for you.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a television provider is the number of channels they can offer. With either Dishnetwork or Directv, you can get packages that provide over 250 channels. This makes either Satellite TV company a good choice for a wide variety of entertainment that includes children's programming, news, movies, sports, and more.

With Dish Network SatelliteTV , your package options include America's Top 100, America's Top 200, and America's Top 250, which include 100, 200 and 250 channels respectively. All packages have Sirius satellite radio stations and basic channels like ESPN, MTV, QVC, and CNN. The larger ones include more special channels such as ESPNews, The Outdoor Channel, SoapNet, and The Golf Channel. Premium movie packages including HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax are available either individually or with the America's Everything Pak, which includes over 250 channels plus all four premiums. Dish Network also has a special small package, called Dish Family that has about 40 channels for a very low price. Dish Network tends to offer slightly better deals.

With Directv Satellite, the main package options come in a 140 channel, 185 channel, and 250 channel variety. The 185 channel package, Choice Xtra has two additional options that can give you DVR service or DVR service and High Definition television programming. Premier is the over 250 channel package that includes DVR service in the package. Unlike Dishnetwork Satellite, Direct TV's 250 channel package has premium movie channels included. These premiums are the same as in Dish Network: Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO.

When it comes to specialty coverage, Dish Network and Direct TV have different selections. Dish Network has a lot of foreign language programming including four Spanish-language packages, packages in over 19 other languages, and many individual foreign language channels. Directtv Satellite does not have quite as many choices, though it still has a respectable 13 language accounted for, including many Spanish channels.

For high definition television (HDTV) entertainment, Dish Network has more choices. Dishnetwork's selection is now up to 31 channels including many channels that are exclusive to the high definition format. Dish Network lets you add the HD programming package to any package and it includes premium HDTV channels including Showtime, HBO, and Starz. Direct TV also lets you add their HD programming package to any base package or it can be purchased in the Choice Xtra Plus package. However, there are only 11 HDTV channels to choose from. Either company can provide local channels in High Definition if they are available in your area.

Though Direct TV has fewer HDTV choices than Dish Network, Directv has a larger sports selection. This makes it the choice for die hard sports fans. Direct TV has the popular NFL Sunday Ticket, but both companies offer other sports subscriptions like MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, and MLS Direct Kick. Directtv Satellite offers its sports pak as a part of the Premier package. Dishnet Satellite doesn't have their Multi-Sport package as part of any larger package, but it can be added to their programming packages.

Depending on the type of television you tend to watch most, you will find that either Direct TV or Dish Network will make a better company for you. Though, with whichever one you choose, you'll get high quality satellite television service that will provide good television entertainment.

Customer Satisfaction

Dish Network Satellite TV is ranked at the top in customer satisfaction among all the cable television & satellite TV providers.

Direct TV is ranked second in customer satisfaction among all the cable television & satellite providers.

Direct TV vs Dishnetwork - The Bottom Line

Both Directv and Dish Network offer top-of-the-line satellite TV equipment and all-digital programming for the best picture and sound available. Both companies are currently offering special HDTV and DVR deals. Tired of Cable TV hassles? Switch your home entertainment to satellite television. Click one of the links to sign up now for the best Direct TV Special Deals and Dish Network Special Deals.

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The Direct TV Versus Dish Network Dilemma
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