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T3 Connection for Better Internet Speed


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If you have a big or small business that uses an internet connection you should look into a t3 connection in order to have high speed internet. There is an entire ds3 network that you can look into in order to make the most of your internet connection and please your company and yourself. DS 3 and T3 are actually the same thing and they can provide customers with a fast internet connection and good ds3 speed. DS3 is a high-speed connection that is capable of transmitting data at up to 45 Mbps. A DS3 line is equal to approximately 672 regular voice-grade telephone lines, which is fast enough to transmit full-motion, real-time video, and very large databases over a busy network.

Digital Signal consists of cataloging digital circuits according to the rate and format of the signal and the equipment providing the signals. DS and T designations are used synonymously. Therefore, DS1 means T1, and DS3 implies T3. In addition, DS3 circuits provide businesses and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with up to 45 Mb/s of dedicated Internet connectivity. This is an ideal solution for users who have outgrown their T1 connections and are in search of unlimited, high-capacity access. A DS3 line actually consists of 672 individual channels, each of which supports 64 Kb/s. DS3 lines are extremely high bandwidth connections into a carrier's backbone.

A DS3 line is comprised of 28 T1 lines, each operating at total signaling rate of 1.544 Mbps.

A DS3 connection is comprised up of two monthly charges. One is the local loop and the port charge. The local loop charge is the cost of the circuit provided by the Local Exchange Carrier that allows DS3 access into the carrier's network. The loop charge is based on the distance from the customer's location to the edge of the carrier's network; the farther the customer is from the network, the more the loop will cost. Nearly every carrier prices loops differently so it is in your best interest to price DS3 service with several providers to ensure that you walk away satisfied.

DS Internet Access is the ideal solution for businesses that require high-bandwidth access at a reduced price. Whether you host high-traffic Web sites, support Web hosting or need high-capacity bandwidth on an as-needed basis, there's a level of DS3 service (Full or fractional) that will meet your needs. Fractional to full DS3 or T3 circuits run from speeds of 3 Mbps up to 45 Mbps.

The 28 DS1 signals are multiplexed into seven DS2 signals. Then, the seven DS2 signals are multiplexed into one DS3 signal. Each multiplexing step uses bit stuffing to handle the different input frequencies.

For more resources about T3 Connection or even about Fractional DS3 and especially about Partial DS3 please review these links.


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Benefits of a Leased Line service with high speed connection
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