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So you have a cell phone now, but what about the plans? How many minutes to get, night time, day time, anytime, roaming, choices and more choices, it can be a bit overwhelming. With cell phone plans it is important to read the fine print and know everything about the plan you’re choosing before making a final decision.

Timing is everything

You’ll notice while browsing for a cell phone plan that you run across time frames. Many plans will say they offer “Free anytime minutes", or “Weekends Free", but pay close attention to the times they offer. Many plans with offer a per minute rate as well, which may vary depending on the exact time the call is made. Pre-paid is sometimes the way to go, no plan, no commitment, but still they charge sometimes by the minute. Plans will also range from when their “Nighttime, and Weekend" minutes begin, some may start at 7:00pm Friday and end 7:00am Monday morning, it’s all in the contract.

The “What If’s"

Now how many times have you let’s say “dropped it in the toilet", now that’s where insurance comes into play. Within most cell phone plans comes an insurance portion, this usually calls for you to pay a small fee every month for the comfort of knowing if you lose or break your cell phone it will be replaced. Plans vary when it comes to the insurance clause, they may only protect you for the first year of owning the phone, or they may only cover a small amount of a new phone, it differs based on company. Try and get the best coverage and the easiest to understand, and always keep up to date with it, if it happens to expire you’re out of luck if something happens.


Most cell phone providers allow a customer to have a contract, which is made up of a cell phone plan really. A contract simply says, “You have to keep your cell phone with us for this long", the time frame tends to vary on this. Sometimes there are advantages to having a contract, they may offer special deals, or cheaper prices for added lines. Know this, that if you decide to not stick with that company and want to end your contract, you may end up paying a hefty fee to get out of it. Carefully read over the agreement before signing any contract.

No signal? Where am I?

Many companies now offer no roaming charges, and don’t charge for dropped calls. Within a cell phone plan it will either state that you are covered for dropped calls and receive those minutes back, or they won’t be deducted from your overall. A plan may also include a no roaming charge, which would affect those travelers among us, or those who sometimes travel outside our calling area. Keep in mind that not every cell phone provider allows these options, so if you’re not sure, be sure to ask.

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