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Where Do Those Poor Unwanted Cell Phones Go? Used Cell Phones, a New Cheap Way To Own A Cell Phone


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Maybe you are not willing to pay for a brand new cell phone when you have to pay for plan, contract, or prepaid minutes at the same time. Well, ever wonder where all those old phones disappear to…used cell phones is the answer. Many companies have made tons from purchasing older, or unwanted cell phones and then reselling them to people at a much lower price.

Saves you time and money

Not only can you utilize this service of buying an used cell phone, but you can also sell an unwanted cell phone. If you happen to lose your cell phone you can buy a used cell phone and if it matches your current cell phone carrier then you can carry over your plan to the used phone and nothing is ever lost. You can purchase a used cell phone at almost half of the brand new price at most places, accessories can be purchased the same way, and the condition of these phones greatly varies so make sure it works, and has what you need before hitting the purchase button or reaching in your pocket.

But does it work?

Most used cell phone sellers will not sell you a phone that dies not work. That does not mean that something may slip by them. If you are thinking about buying a used cell phone then first check and see if there is a warranty on the phone, the battery life left on the battery, and how easy is it for you to use. These elements are key to purchasing a cell phone that is ideal for you, if you have any question, see if there is a manual or see how you can go about getting a manual for the phone you are getting.

Who is Clarissa?

Now a cell phone commonly contain a SIM card that retains all numbers, message, pictures, and videos that are sometimes put onto a cell phone. When selling a phone to a retailer make sure to clear out all your personal information within the phone. Also the same goes when purchasing a used cell phone, check to see if all numbers and various other things are deleted from the phone. Also check the condition of the SIM card, will it last for the period of time you need it to. Sometimes SIM cards can be burnt out or just plain stop working, and a new one is needed.

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