Direct TV Brings Advanced Technology Into Your Home With Innovations Such As The DVR


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1994 is a year that should be in the minds of all televisions lovers, as that was the year Directv began their revolutionary new service that would change satellite television to the widely loved and available phenomenon that it is today. For the first time, satellite viewers were able to use an 18 inch satellite dish and receive their transmissions in fully digital form. While most popular initially with rural folks who could not receive cable, even urban people soon realized that satellite television offered many advantages over what they had been watching. Directv presently has over 14 million customers experiencing the high technological quality and diverse programming that are only offered through satellite TV.

To bring transmissions into your home, Direct TV has a fleet of high energy, photovoltaic satellites in a geosynchronous orbit around Earth. Hundreds of programming providers send their content to one of the company's broadcasting stations which then digitalizes and encrypts the signals and transmits them to the satellites. From the orbiting satellites far up in space the signals are relayed to individual satellite dishes with cutting edge technology ensuring perfect reception. Through the receiver, given to you during the initial installation, the satellite signals are then translated into a form viewable on your television. Because Direct TV has multiple broadcasting stations and orbiting satellites, it is always able to broadcast clear signals and provide the clearest possible reception to the individual viewer.

For individual subscribers, this technology means that Directv is able to offer tons of choices in programming and a great quality picture. For a low monthly fee, the Total Choice introductory package offers 155 channels, including local programming in most areas and XM commercial free radio. The next package option, Total Choice Plus offers 30 extra channels including such favorites as Fox Movie Channel and Nicktoons. The Total Choice Premier package contains an amazing 250 channels with all your favorite movie and sports channels. For people looking for just a small selection at a low price, Family Choice provides programming for the entire family including general family entertainment, children's networks and religious programming. With each package offering diverse and interesting choices at varying costs, everyone should be able to find a perfect match. And specialty programming can be added to any package. These exciting options include such shows as NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass, which are offered only on Directv.

Direct TV brings advanced technology into your home with innovations such as the DVR. A recorder that is electronically interfaced with your satellite system, the DVR allows you to record up to 100 hours of programming and 2 channels at one time. This means you can watch one station and record another favorite show at the same time. This technology also changes the way you view live television as it allows you to pause, rewind and replay anything you are watching. Other features include parental controls that give parents the ability to limit children's viewing based on channel, specific show or time. Also, standard with each system, a programmable on-screen program guide makes it easy to find out what is playing. In addition to these benefits, Directtv provides HD programming and Internet services.

Satellite television has changed Americans’ expectations of TV viewing and made entertainment and information easier to get and more pleasant than ever. Direct TV has led the way in creating innovative new technology and bringing these advances to individual customers. With a combination of the latest technology, great customer service, and unbelievable programming, it is no surprise that Direct TV is the largest satellite TV provider today.

With great programming, state of the art technology and the convenience that comes with it, combined with great customer service, it's no wonder Directtv is the nation's leading satellite TV provider. This is the end of your search for . Switch to the best. Start today.

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Take Advantage Of DVR Technology With Dish TV
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