Leave Your Area Code When Expecting A Return Phone Call

Linda Meckler

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Do you ever make a phone call and never receive a call back? Do you ever wonder why your call was never returned – even when you left a return phone number? Do you ever think the person you are calling is stupid and can’t return a simple phone call? When you finally speak to that person - are you angry? If the answer to the questions are yes or no, read on.

We are such busy people. Even making a simple phone call takes our time and energy and causes our stress level to rise.

Why do you think in today’s day of communication and electronics – a little thing like making a simple phone call can be so complex.

Stop and think:

When you made your phone call that made you so furious did you leave your area code? The area code is extremely important when leaving a phone message when expecting a return phone call.

Not every phone system or individual has caller ID. The person receiving your call needs to know your area code in order to return your phone call.

Not everybody makes business calls from a cell phone, where with a touch of your finger your call will automatically return to the sender.

When making those important phone calls. Leave your area code and speak clearly. Do not speak faster when you get to your name and phone number. The person on the other end of the phone does not know you and will not understand what you are saying.

Think back when you played back a phone message left on an answering machine over and over trying to understand the callers name and phone number.

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