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What system requirements are there for satellite internet?

The answer to this question is going to vary by provider. It will also change as technology changes. However, the current minimum requirements for most satellite internet providers is that the computer needs to be running on an operating system that are Windows 98SE or newer or Mac OS 10.1 or newer. The second system requirement that you will need to meet is to have the hardware for networking. This will usually mean that you computer is equipped with a 10.100 Ethernet card or a PCMCIA adapter that has an Ethernet connector.

How is the installation of satellite internet equipment handled?

Again this is going to vary by provider. However, the Federal Communications Commission requires that a trained professional handle the installation of satellite equipment if it is going to be both sending and receiving signals. This means that if you are using a one way satellite internet system then you could possibly install the equipment yourself. However, if you are using a 2 way system you will have to have it professionally installed.

What is its transmission latency?

There is a half second delay with satellite internet service. This is caused by the nearly 45,000 miles that the signal has to travel between the computer and the satellite and back again.

What connection speeds can I expect?

Like all of the other questions the answer to this question is going to vary by provider and service package. However, generally speaking satellite internet will offer you a max download speed of between 7000 kbps and 2 mbps.

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