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Not so long ago, a typical field trip would require a youngster to bring a camera to capture moments, a tape or CD player for some music, and a handy phone so that the parents can easily keep in touch with the child.

Today, all these purposes can be fulfilled by just having the right cellular phone.

There are many models of cellular phones that we see in the market today. Each one has its own features and capabilities that can suit a particular lifestyle or taste. This event makes a techno person very much enjoy the benefits of modern developments.

This time, one can enjoy good music, quality camera and communications with the cellular phones offered in the market to day.

GPS Tracking System

One good feature that can be enjoyed from the most modern cellular GPS phone is the tracking system aspect.

You must have heard of the 3G and 3G plus cellular phones from some advertisements posted by network companies. These features are more than just another trendy label for the people to follow.

3G cellular phones will actually allow any user to be able to determine the geographical position of the caller. As such, it is like having a tracker at hand.

This whole tracking system feature of cellular phones is made possible by the GPS system.

What Is GPS?

A cellular GPS phone will be able to know the physical location of any person who makes an incoming call to the cell. This is possible, wherever in the world the caller may be.

The GPS actually stands for Global Positioning System. This is a system that involves radio navigation through the use of the satellites that orbit the globe.

GPS first started as a system developed by the Department of Defense of the United States. They first called it the Navigation Satellite Training and Ranging or the NAVSTAR.

This venture started sometime in the 1960's but it was only formally initiated in 1978. The endeavor developed and improved. In 1995, it became operational.

GPS operates today using three main components. These are the satellites, the earth monitoring stations and the receivers.

At the moment, 24 satellites are orbiting the earth. They reach thousands of miles of distance from the surface of the earth to be able to pick signals from a large geographical area.

These satellites will then send out signals back to the earth. These signals can be received by a cellular phone with a GPS system. These signals will be processed to provide a report on a particular location.

The more signals that a unit will receive from the satellites, the more accurate the report will be with regard to the position.

Advantages of Cellular GPS Phone with GPS Tracking

There are some people who are quite hesitant with the advent of this technology. They think that privacy may be easily affected by such creations.

However, one cannot deny that there are of course certain benefits that GPS will fully serve to the people.

A Cellular GPS Phone is very useful in emergency situations. In case of emergency like a road accident, a 911 call can be easily made through any cellular phone.

However, people will not always know their precise location when they travel, especially in such a stressful situation. Thus, the GPS can facilitate easily the 911 crew in pinpointing the precise location of the accident.

The GPS is also especially useful for the defense system of any country. It can facilitate more the authorities in tracking and catching suspects and culprits that can threaten the society. This is even more significant considering the constant terror threat today.

As regards the people who fear for their privacy, there are recent measures that can make them feel more at ease with the GPS technology.

There are certain significant laws that have been passed to ensure the protection of privacy.

Those people who have cellular phones with GPS system can be protected from release of any physical tracking. The information will only be given out if the owner consents, save for the purpose of 911 emergency calls.

These measures will ensure that the benefits of GPS will be enjoyed by society without infringing on the right to privacy of anybody.

Owning a high-tech cellular phone is a good thing as it makes the world smaller for you and your love ones. So the next time you consider purchasing a phone for you or your family, get one that is a cellular GPS phone.

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