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If you have unique needs when it comes to accessing the Internet, chances are that HughesNet should be the Internet service provider of choice for you. That's because nobody else provides you with as much flexibility when it comes to how and where you access the Internet. With data transfer rates of up to 1.5 megabytes per second, you'll have no lack of bandwidth with which to transfer the large amounts of data required by modern multimedia applications like video, music, and digital photos.

What really makes HughesNet a one size fits all service for high speed Internet is the fact that it's truly wireless in the broadest sense of the word. You don't need cables, telephone lines, or even access to a wireless hot spot because HughesNet is based entirely on satellite technology.

Using satellite technology for Internet access provides the ultimate flexibility when it comes to where you can live and work. That's simply because you only need three things in order to take advantage of a satellite Internet connection from HughesNet. First, you need an unobstructed view to the southern sky so that you can send and receive signals from satellites in orbit above the equator. Second, you need a computer. And third, you need a source of electricity to power the computer. Assuming that you have those three things, you can take advantage of the best high speed Internet service available whether you live in the middle of the city or out in the Alaskan bush. HughesNet will even supply the satellite dish, the special satellite modem, and a professional technician to install it all for you.

In addition to an ultra-fast Internet connection you can also add a number of other features to your HughesNet account that will make your experience of using the Internet more enjoyable and safer. For example, with any service plan you'll receive five email accounts that come complete with Spam filtering and anti-virus features. You'll also receive complementary tech support. For extra fees, you can also add web hosting, domain based email, a suite of sophisticated security software, and a Service Assurance plan. The security software provides a firewall that helps to keep hostile software from getting in, and if in the event that hostile software does get into your computer, the firewall will help to prevent it from sending any of your personal information out. The firewall also helps to make you invisible to hackers. The security software from HughesNet also includes programs that can scan your computer for various kinds of invasive software including viruses, spy-ware, and mal-ware. You'll also be able to set up special filters that will keep you from being redirected to hostile websites and block access to *** ography.

The fact that Internet access from HughesNet is a constant connection makes it great for home or business use in many ways. Unlike dial up, you'll know as soon as you receive an email. You can also use the phone while surfing the Internet or downloading something. For those especially large downloads, you can even walk away from the computer with confidence that your connection won't be terminated.

The other advantage of getting your Internet access via satellite with HughesNet, is that you'll have the same great service and connection speed if you move. That's part of the freedom of having an Internet service that's truly independent of phone lines and cables. These features, and so much more make HughesNet the ideal high speed Internet service for everyone.

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