What Great Features Does Web Conferencing Offer?


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Has your business considered adopting web conferencing applications? Perhaps your office is thinking of getting a web conferencing service provider, or planning to install web conferencing software on the company server. In that case, it is important for you to know what features you expect to be implemented in a web conferencing application. Then not only can you choose the product or service that is best for your budget, but you will also know how web conferencing can be used to best of your business advantage. With a full understanding of the capabilities of web conferencing, you will be able to fully utilize its potential for achieving more efficient business communication.

One of the most valuable features of web conferencing is the use of a shared screen. That can enable all the participants in a web conference to see the same visuals on their screen at the same time. Thus, when someone places a presentation on the screen, everyone will be able to view it simultaneously, just as they would in a real-world conference where everybody is in the same room. The fact that web conferencing allows an online presentation to be shown to people in various locations at once is nothing short of extraordinary.

A business conference in the real world, however, makes use of verbal communication in addition to the presentation of visual information. So you should make sure that your web conferencing client will allow some form of verbal discussion as well. Otherwise, you may have to rely on holding a long-distance telephone conference at the same time as your online meeting. That has the potential to be an awkward state of affairs.

However, most web conferencing clients possess features that can easily be adapted for participant discussion. They can enable the use of instant messaging software so that participants can type in their discussions. They may include Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP software, which allows people to make voice calls to each other using broadband Internet instead of traditional phone networks. You can set up a voice conference using VoIP. And using it is much cheaper than the equivalent long-distance conference call. That may help you to be able to trim some of your business expenses.

Web conferencing also involves link-ups between the participants’ computers, making such functions as file sharing and application sharing possible. File sharing lets participants send images, documents, programs, and various files to each other. With application sharing, the group can collectively run a program on a remote computer.

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