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Dish Network's satellite TV packages are the service of choice for more than 12 million customers. Because of its wonderful programming, superior technology and excellent service, Dish Network is adding subscribers at an incredible rate. Listen to the millions of Americans who have already discovered Dishnetwork's great values and begin your subscription to one of the great programming packages today.

Dish Network offers a large variety of packages to meet anyone's budget and needs. DishFamily is the most basic package with 40 family-friendly channels like Hallmark Movie, Discovery Kids, Food Network and Animal Planet. This package is great for families who want a lot of entertainment for a very low monthly rate in .

If you want great standard-definition programming, one of America's Top Entertainment packages will give you all of the best channels in a package sized to meet your needs. With options for 60, 120 or 180 channels, you can get just the right amount of programming to keep your family satisfied. These packages include such favorite channels as Discovery Times, Cartoon Network, the Travel Channel, and MTV. Dish Network has also recently added SIRIUS satellite radio to its packages to bring you the best music and talk radio.

If you love watching movies, you will want to consider adding a movie package like Starz, HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax. These bring you the latest commercial-free movies. You can also opt for America's Everything Pak which includes the Top 180 channels and all 4 movie packs. If you want the absolute newest releases, Dish on Demand pay per view lets you watch movies in your own living room without having to deal with the hassle of a video store in .

Dish Network HDTV options are especially amazing. With a full 29 HD channels, Dish Network offers the most HDTV selection available. You can choose from four programming packages that give you between 25 and 29 high definition channels and 80-240 standard definition ones. With the Platinum package, the latest movies are brought to life on your screen with Starz HD, HBO HD and Showtime HD. Dish TV can also provide you with a special sound system to give your HDTV experience the most realistic sound possible.

If you have special programming needs like foreign language programming, Dish Network is your best choice. Not only can you sign up for four Spanish-language packages, but you can also opt for 19 other types of international programming including Filipino, Urdu, Chinese, Farsi and Russian. These will let you keep up with the news and entertainment of your home country.

When you choose the receiver that will give you access to all this great programming, you will also be able to choose the features that best suit your needs. All receiver have such wonderful benefits as an electronic program guide which displays up to 9 days of programming and parental control locks to let parents decide what channels their children can access. Plus, features like browse functions, favorites lists and bookmarks make it easy to figure out exactly what you want to watch. If you want the best new technology, you can opt for convenient features like the DVR - a digital video recorder that makes it easy to record and store all your favorite programs. With a Dish Network DVR, you can gain control over when and how you want to watch your television. In fact, you can even pause live programs so you don't have to miss a moment of your shows.

Dish Network provides a mixture of great programming and high quality service. Switch to the best. Start now.

J. Hall writes articles for consumers who want to find the best Dish Network offers currently available. She has written for many major publications about the latest satellite TV deals and promotions and how buyers can find the best discounts.


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