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Satellite TV for PC vs Dish Network Satellite TV: Comparing the Pros and Cons


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If you stay in United States, you probably had heard of the satellite TV Company Dish Network. If you are used to Internet surfing, you might as well aware that more and more vendors are now selling Satellite-to-PC software that enables you to watch satellite TV program on your PC. These two services might seem unrelated to each other at first because one uses TV as broadcasting platform; while the other uses personal computer or laptops. However, both Dish Network and satellite TV on PC provide TV program entertainments. This makes the comparisons worthy as shoppers might consider alternatives (PC TV) over satellite TV (Dish Network); or vise versa.

The plus point on Satellite TV PC


Satellite-to-PC program is dead cheap! It takes less than 10 bucks for the set up. This set up fees are meant for the software download/install, hardware fees such as the purchase of computer system and Internet service fees excluded. The set up fees is for one time and consumer can enjoy the satellite TV program on their personal computer or laptop for the rest of the time.

On the other hand, Dish Network requires monthly subscriptions where subscribers are required to pay around $20 - $90 for their satellite TV program fees.

Programming choices

When it comes to programming choices comparison, satellite TV PC makes Dish Network deals vulnerable.

Theoretically, satellite TV on PC allows you to watch unlimited TV programs. Get satellite TV program from anywhere at anytime as there are no boundaries in the cyber world. Dish Network satellite TV in contrast has huge limitation in programming choices. You can only get the programming that you subscribe with Dish Network. There are around 250++ programming channels for you to choose but choosing more for your Dish Network packages means you need to pay more.

The plus point on Dish Network deals


Dish Network satellite TV systems are free if you are a first time customer. These Dish Network systems are granted with lifetime warranty by some of the Dish Network dealers. Latest Dish Network deals include free satellite v systems; free DVR; free DVD player; free three months premium channel subscription fees; free home protection plan upgrading; free installation and free shipping. As you can see Dish Network deals are quite bargains. Recent years these lucrative Dish Network deals had boost up the company subscriptions number.

Customer supports

Installation of satellite PC is not as simple as it said. Will things turn wrong during the set up process? Definitely! As satellite PCs were priced relative cheap, its reliability in customer services and after sales supports seems questionable. Does the price charged during the set up of satellite PC include after sales services? Who should we get help from if things got screwed up?

Then again, Dish Network, owned by Echostar Communication Cooperation, owns more than 12 million subscribers at the time of writing. Yes, it’s a big cooperation. Due to their large customer population, the company had spent millions on putting up their customer support team. Various kind of customer supports and after sales services professional installations, online website support, as well as 24/7 customer phone supports are offered.

Programming picture quality

Dish Network satellite TV provides top notch TV picture and audio quality. Further more, free HD and DVR upgrades give extra boost to home entertainment experience. It feels so real when watching satellite TV programs on a HD TVs that no other TV entertainment can overtake such kind of advantage from Dish Network.

Does satellite TV program on PC gives you HD picture quality? Does satellite TV program on PC are showed in high resolution level? The answers are both ‘NO’. Satellite-to-PC program are compacted before it sent to your PC. In order to send these signals smoothly and fast, the picture quality is normally reduced and the resolution of the picture size are normally shrunk during the compact process. In most of the time, you probably will be watching the satellite TV program in a 500 x 450 (px) window on your computer screen. Does that sound good to you? Definitely a big ‘NO’ for me.


So, Dish Network or satellite TV PC? The choice is up to you. In the end of day, Dish Network and satellite TV PC seems suit different type of customers and it’s only you in the world who can know which is better for you. We would recommend Dish Network for TV lovers; and satellite-on-PC for those who takes 15 minutes breaks for TV watching.

Satellite TV shoppers, be wise! Learn more details about conventional satellite TV service and free satellite TV for PC services before you purchase.

Check out more details on Dish Network free stuffs here:

Article by Teddy, writer and consumer


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