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Nowadays software that enables users to get satellite TV signal via their PC seems getting more and more popular. While the set up seems relative different to conventional satellite TV system, we believe its worth for us to compare the PC TV program to our normal satellite TV system (Dish Network for example).

Price of free PC TV and Dish Network TV

Satellite-to-PC program is cheap, very cheap indeed. It takes less than 10 bucks for the set up. This set up fees are meant for the software download/install, hardware fees such as the purchase of computer system and Internet service fees excluded. The set up fees is for one time and consumer can enjoy the satellite TV program on their personal computer or laptop for the rest of the time.

On the other hand, normal satellite TV company like Dish Network and DirecTV do not require set up cost and they even offer consumers free satellite TV decoder system along with a lot of other incentive gifts. However, Dish Network (or DirecTV) requires monthly subscriptions where subscribers are required to pay around $20 - $90 for their satellite TV program fees. View here: for more about Dish Network packages and price.

In term of cost, we can see clearly that satellite TV programs are much cheaper to be watched on PC.

TV picture quality for Dish Network and PC TV

Satellite TV programs are famous with their top notch video and audio quality. Along with HD technology, Dish Network subscribers enjoy home TV entertainment pleasure like never before.

Does satellite-to-PC program gives you HD picture quality? Does satellite TV program on PC are showed in high resolution level? The answers are both ‘NO’. Satellite-to-PC program are compacted before it sent to your PC. In order to send these signals smoothly and fast, the picture quality is normally reduced and the resolution of the picture size are normally shrunk during the compact process.

Customer supports by Dish Network and PC TV

When comparing the price, free PC TV seems outrun Dish Network satellite TV a lot. But it is unfair to just compare their price without considering the product reliability given by these two services.

Without doubts, the satellite-to-PC program itself is a cool product but when come to commercializing the products, that’s another story.

As satellite PCs were priced relative cheap, its reliability in customer services and after sales supports seems questionable. Does the less-than-ten-bucks set up fees include after sales services? Where and how can we get help if things turn wrong?

On the other hand, Dish Network, owned by Echostar Communication Cooperation, was licensed in March 1996 and owns more than 12 million subscribers at the time of writing. The company, along with their retailer offers professional installations, online website support, as well as 24/7 customer phone supports.

Reliability and compatibility

From another point of view, satellite TV on PC required supports from a lot of other systems: Internet services, PC hardware performance, as well as the PC operating system compatibility. One of these requirements turn down means your free PC TV is down. Does your ISP give stable high speed Internet access? Does your computer fit their requirements to run the program? These are points to be considered seriously before getting into the deal.

Dish Network satellite systems fits into 99.9% of the TV in the market. All you need is to have a TV that can works and that’s all. No other software or hardware required.

Wrapping things up

Free satellite TV on Dish Network or free satellite TV on PC – the choice is in your hand. TV means more than life for some TV maniac and some rarely spends their time in front of the TV. Satellite-to-PC is of course recommended for those who enjoy PC entertainment such like computer games and Internet chatting more than TV entertainments. However, if you like to watch TV a lot, we suggest you consider your choice carefully. Saving short term might makes you spending more in long term.

Satellite TV shoppers, be wise! Learn more about free satellite TV offers you can get before you purchase.

Article by Teddy, writer and consumers.


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