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The Intro

If you are the same type of consumer that I am, I am very sure that you do raise a lot of questions when it comes to making a purchase. Yes, that is the right attitude to be a smart shopper online. Consumers are always recommended to reviews, study, and learn all their choices before making a purchase online, after all, its just a few clicks away and why not spend some time reviewing the merchants – who knows you can save a few hundreds extra by spending extra 15 minutes?

Looking for free satellite TV deals?

As stated in the article title, we are going to talk about satellite TV shopping here. Nowadays, satellite TV entertainment is getting more and more popular. At the time of writing, it is estimated that DirecTV (major satellite TV company in US) owns up to 18 millions subscribers in United States; and Dish Network 15 millions – that’s 33 millions satellite TV subscribers in total. That’s the number we got in around 10 years time as satellite TV is only introduced to the public in mid 90s.

33 millions in 10 years, can’t deny that’s a pretty big boost. Although from the popularity angle, the cables might be the one leading but the expansion rates of satellite TV subscribers had beaten cables greatly. Recent polls show some common reasons being superior picture quality, larger selection of channels and programs, increased availability, good customer service and the continuing drop in price.

So why satellite TV is growing much better than cable TV?

Money wise

Money talks and money leads. One of the main reasons why Dish Network and DirecTV so popular nowadays is because Dish Network offers much better bargains when compare to cable TV providers. Cable TV monthly subscription fees ranged around $40 for the basics programming packages. Extra digital or sports channels require additional fees.

Satellite TV providers however offer a much lower monthly cost to their users. Dish Network's basic package starts at $29.99 while DirecTV's at $31.99. Additional sport packages will cost extra $5 to $10. With promotions offered by certain retailers, Dish Network packages are sometimes even cheaper with $19.99/month.

Programming selections

Programming choice is what separate cable TV and satellite TV the most. Satellite TV offers a wide range of programming selections; while with cable TV the programming options are rather limited.

You can easily get up to hundreds of programming channels with satellite TV systems. With cable TV, you get support of 90+ channels for the basic packages. Further more, satellite TV channels are all digital broadcast, meaning that all your satellite TV pictures are all 100% digitized. On the other hand, cable TV are mostly analog signals. Digital channels on cable TV might cost you extra subscription fees ranged from $10 - $15.

Dish Network or DirecTV

When it comes to satellite TV shopping, you are most probably come to the point where you need to choose between the two major satellite TV providers – Dish Network or DirecTV. So here are the ‘Why-questions’ that might rose:

Why Dish Network deals?

  • Because it provides more International channels.
  • Because Dish Network monthly price is lower than its competitors.
  • Because recommended Dish Network dealers are offering life time warranty on their free dish system (while the rest offer two years).

Why DirecTV deals?

  • Because of NFL Sunday Tickets – DirecTV provides almost full coverage on NFL games that no other TV broadcaster can compete.
  • Because of TiVo – TiVo is a great DVR system that enables you to record, replay, rewind, or even skip ads on the recorder TV shows.
  • Because of wide channel selections.

Ordering free satellite TV online

You might be eager to get yourself a satellite TV system as you read till here. But before you call up your local brick and mortal satellite TV shops, we suggest you to take a look on the online satellite TV store first.

But hey, isn’t ordering from the dealer with a brick and mortal shop sounds more reliable? You might be asking:

Why order satellite TV online?

Main reason behind ordering satellite TV online is simply because ordering free satellite TV deals online are much cheaper when compare to ordering it offline.

The start up cost for online satellite TV dealers is much lower than the brick and mortal dealers. Thus, online satellite TV dealers offer the best bargains in satellite TV services. In order to win the market share, some online dealers even offer incentive gifts to their customers. Home theater systems, DVD players, digital cameras are given free to win more customers.

Further more; ordering your satellite TV deals online is instant and easy. All you need to do is just a few clicks on your PC and stay at home at the scheduled installation time. The retailers that have been around a few years have this process streamlined for efficiency.


It’s a fact that more and more people are getting their own satellite TV deals. I bet you are thinking of getting one for yourself if you don’t have. But again, being a smart consumer, I would suggest you to think before you make the purchase. If TV is one of your primary forms of entertainment and you want the biggest variety of shows, movies, sports, and news - then satellite TV is something you should seriously consider. However, if you hardly watch TV programs once a week, we think the local channels should be sufficient for your TV entertainment, why spend more on things you don’t use?

Satellite TV shoppers, be wise! Learn more about Dish Network and DirecTV bargains you can get before you purchase.

Article by Teddy, writer and consumers.


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