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Mobile phones with enhanced music options have their own intrinsic appeal. Apart from connecting us to our near and dear ones across geographical distances – these special handsets have the capability to relax tired minds after, say, a hectic day at work. Music enabled mobile phones such as the Nokia 5300 help us to listen to our favourite songs and music tracks – even when we are outside the confines of our homes and away from our high-end music players. This is not to say that music players do not have their own importance; the point is to recognize the contribution of music phones like the Nokia 5300 in adding bits of sunshine, joy and romance to many a fast and hectic life in the current context.

The Nokia 5300 comes in a slide open design; great looks of the handset is complemented by a host of mobile music options and features. First and foremost, we must mention the in-built music player with dedicated music keys – this ensures that we are able to hear what we want without going into too much trouble. Our favourite music tracks and songs are accessible just at the click of a button. There are headphones and external speakers for a more personalized mobile music experience. The handset is empowered to carry around 1500 music tracks – quite a substantial number of songs by any standard. It is easy to store music; transfer music; or stream music and we are not let down on any of these accounts.

The sound quality is impressive. Mobile music options are easy to operate. And one can store and carry quite a large number of music tracks. All these translates into an exhilarating mobile music experience; consequently, people with a musical bent of mind are very much interested in acquiring the Nokia 5300 mobile phone to experience all its capabilities first hand.

And it is not as if the Nokia 5300 is all music. Some of the most interesting and innovative messaging functions are a part of the handset. One can download video ringtones to add an individual touch. A high resolution display, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera and great looks add to the overall appeal of this Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia 5300 .

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