Embellishing and Customizing Your Cell Phone


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There are many ways to customize and embellish your cell phone to make it reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Here are a few of the most popular ways to customize and embellish your new cell phone:


A new cell phone comes with a boring standard cell phone ring. Fortunately, you can change your cell phone's ring to a different ring, called a ringtone. Ringtones are available in many different types including standard midi music type rings, actual audio of songs, a sound or speech. You can even set your phone to use a different ringtone for different incoming callers. Mainstream music ringtones are available and very popular. You can get a ringtone for just about any current popular song and many older songs as well. You can download these to your phone online or using your phone.


Most phones have wallpaper backgrounds that can be changed. There are wallpapers available depicting symbols, nature, wildlife, landscapes, cities, people, TV and music stars, movie stars, and you can even make your own very easily should your phone be equipped with a camera.


Some phones use a screensaver, which traditionally were used on computers to prevent screen burn in from images present on computer monitors for many hours or days at a time. Today, screesavers are available with animation, music, photos and slideshows.


There are also skins or stickers available for many cell phone models. These encase you phone in an image or color and can come in officially licensed versions for sports teams, tv series, cartoons, movies and more. Usually made of flexible vinyl, they can be taken off if needed.


There's all kinds of jewelry you can stick on your phone, including rhinestones in all shapes, sizes and colors, faux pearls, faux colored stones plus fake flowers and frilly ribbons. Decorate your phone with clear rhinestones to add a diamond like sparkle to your cell phone.


Phone straps are available in many colors and styles and even in Hello Kitty themes. There are also neck straps, pouches and toys that are available to attach to your cell phone or cell phone case.

Downloads & Settings

Don't forget to set up your phone to give you the latest weather, sports scores, horoscope and news according to your interests. You can also download games for when you are stuck at the airport waiting for a flight or stuck in traffic.

Whatever customizations and embellishments you choose, make sure they reflect you and your unique personality and sense of style.

Lydia Quinn writes for Free-Ringtones.uk.net, where you can get ringtones for your cell phone for free. Visit us at: http://www.free-ringtones.uk.net/


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