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Digital subscriber line or in popular use you call it DSL. This is basically an online internet service. The availability of this service is made possible through the in-place telephone lines. The DSL filter is a device that looks after the mode of online service without any type of disturbance. Though this is a very flat way of describing the use of a DSL filter, but for anyone unknown, this mere information is actually the key to enter into the thing in a broader perspective.

The filtration quality of DSL filter

The primary function of a DSL filter is to prohibit any type of interference or hindrance in the telephone connection and the internet service. Why is there such a probability of interference? The answer is simple. It is the same line used for the two different connections. A barrier or interruption can pop up anytime. To avoid such circumstances a filter is required which will specifically act for each purpose. This is what the DSL filter does.

Installing of DSL service and the role of DSL filter

The DSL filter, a tiny rectangular device is actually used in DSL service that does not use a splitter. Now what does a splitter do? There has to be a medium to divide the two connections. The standard phone line and the internet line will get overlapped without a suitable divider. The splitter divides the line or the connections and one end of it is fixed with the standard telephone and the other with the modem of the DSL internet service. But can you devise the whole thing on your own?

Here lies the real trouble. The fixing and arrangement of the splitter is a technical job and can only be done by a trained technician recruited for this job. And if there is any problem in the mid-way you will again have to lean on the technician to get the job done.

No such hassle is there in the splitter free setup of the DSL internet service. DSL filter is essential for this service and you can on your own arrange for it. There is no question of splitting of the service and the final user can directly get connected to the ISP via the DSL modem. The mechanism is rather simple.

The modem is actually connected with the RJ11jack and when you connect the net the telephone starts making noise. To block that noise or to stop the telephone's operation, the micro filters are used. Thus the DSL filter serves you in three ways. You are always connected via net. Your phone line is not blocked though the same service is providing you with the net connection. What matters the most is speed which is havoc in DSL service through DSL filters and the whole arrangement is at your finger tips.

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