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Lots of people are concerned about invasion of their privacy. Idea that government can look over our shoulder in just about every aspect of our lives isnt very appealing. With new highly complicated technology government has the ability to listen to your phone calls, check your banking accounts and access whatever personal information they want without your or mine approval.

I believe most of the people who think as I do that we have nothing to hide, have mixed feelings about this, but if this can help prevent another 9.11. , fine they can listen on my conversation to their harts delight.

Where one draws the boundaries? And is government truly the greatest threat to our privacy? Or maybe we should worry about multinational corporation who gather and sell information? Thoughts like these make us think twice about services like reverse cell phone lookup because it being the latest personal information gathering technology.

Reverse cell phone lookup services are completely legit, and they are no different then any other similar search directory in the last 10 years. If done by the law they are no more threat to our privacy then any other lookup service.

But why do we see it differently then lets say search engines? Probably because we see cell phones as very private item, and the idea that someone might record our every call and distribute that information free or for a price is very disturbing and makes as feel vulnerable.

But if you stop for a minute and think about it there is nothing more anyone can find out about you then it is possible to find out already by searching online. However our feeling of security (even if we have nothing to hide) is very important to us. We need to know that it is there if we need it. Because of that we have devised many techniques to hide our calling number, we do not list in a phonebooks and many other techniques.

I guess there is a small James Bond lurking in anyone of us, just waiting to pop out. Fortunately there are several federal laws that protect our privacy rights. And naturally it is always a good idea not to list your number, you can give the number to the people that you want to have it, and for the others who cares.

Overall concern regarding reverse cell phone lookup is a bit over stated. There are much bigger concerns regarding your privacy then reverse cell phone lookup, like for example identity theft through stolen or lost credit card or even social security number.

Try to see the positive side of this service and think about how you can use it to gain some benefit out of it for yourself or your family.

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