Is Sirius Satellite Radio Better Than XM Radio?


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Many years ago, people didn’t have televisions. Many read the papers to get the news or listened to the radio. Just as satellite television has entered American homes, another thing has also been developed that is called satellite radio.

What is satellite radio? This piece of hardware allows the individual to listen to favorite recording artists and shows instead of watching it on television. Given that the United States is a vast place and there are various stations in each state, this also allows the user to listen to one back home hundreds of miles away.

Currently, there are two main players competing head on in the market. The first is called Sirius while the other is XM radio. Which of the two is better? This question depends on whom the individual will ask but both are doing quite well and more customers are signing up.

Sirius is the first to ever provide commercial free programming on all its music channels and has a wide array of accessories for customers to buy. This is despite that fact that XM radio launched a few months in advance.

The subscription fee of Sirius a little pricey compared to XM radio. When people want the best things in life, money maybe an obstacle. So the deciding factor will be what the hardware has to offer.

Satellite radio has been around for almost 5 years. Since this is considered to be the “in thing” in the market, both companies have tied up with the major car manufacturers to have this installed in their vehicles. This is the same thing Ipod is doing so the owner can listen to the favorite tunes while on the road.

Sirius has 65 channels that feature sports, news and other programs aside from music. This includes exclusive coverage of special events such as the NFL. XM radio on the other hand has NASCAR and Fox news. It has 68 channels which is 3 more than what the other is offering to the consumer.

The accessories used by Sirius satellite radio allows the person to listen to this at home or in the car. One of the basic accessories it uses is the Sanyo CRSR-10 Plug and Play system that will cost about $149.99. Those who are not satisfied can have this upgraded-which will cost from $250 to $2,000.

XM radio on the other hand uses the Delphi XM Roady Receiver. This will cost an individual somewhere between $30 to $400, but those who choose to get a monthly subscription will only have to pay $12.95 per month.

Both the models being offered by Sirius and XM radio are easy to install. The person will just have to pay a small fee as a service charge when enlisting the help of a customer representative when this is being done.

Customers can buy the unit in a store or order this online. It is not only ordinary individuals who are very interested in this product since there are also other models for commercial use that are being broadcasted in public access systems of hotels and other retail establishments

Is Sirius satellite radio better then that XM radio? Given that both companies have different things to offer, this really depends on the tastes of the customer.

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