Dish Network HDTV Offers-What You Need To Know


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Those who subscribe to Dish Network don’t have to buy anything to make the system work. This is because the company will provide the satellite dish and the digital video recorder for free so the only thing the individual will pay for is the monthly subscription.

There are three packages being offered to new subscribers. This starts from $29.99 and can up to $49.99. Those are not satisfied with the most basic can upgrade later on and get an HDTV receiver also for free.

What is so special about the HDTV from Dish Network? For starters, it allows the individual to receive crystal clear pictures and Dolby surround sound, which is like being there in the heat of the action.

The HDTV receiver also has an electronic program guide that can show what is on at the time or upcoming in the next few hours. You can also have the digital video recorder programmed so that you could records programs for later viewing.

It has a 250 GB hard drive, which can record up to 200 hours of regular shows or 30 hours of high definition programs. So whether you're watching regular channels, or even pay-per-view, you'll have plenty of space to record on. Given the danger to children, the remote control has a parent-lock preventing children from watching things that they shouldn't.

This receiver is better than what DirecTV, another satellite provider, because it’s system can only record 100 hours. So programs have to be erased first before new ones can be saved.

The HDTV is controlled by a universal remote. This can be used on the television, the DVD player and the VCR. It shows that this gadget can still perform certain functions that were once popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

It also has video and audio outputs allowing the person to hook this up to the component that can be installed in the four corners of the room turning the living room into a mini-theater.

Customers who decide to get any of Dish Network’s packages can have this installed in up to four rooms in the house without any extra charge. All the person has to do is sign up and be tied to the program for the next 18 months to be able to enjoy those favorite movies and shows live or just watch it replay upon getting home.

There will be times when the Dish Network receiver will encounter some minor problems causing it to lose picture. When this happens, these are the things that need to be checked.

The first is the satellite dish. If there is anything obstructing it as it is pointed to the sky, this should be removed to have images again. Besides obstructions, heaving weathering effects could have altered the satellites position.

If there is nothing wrong here, the problem could be in the wiring. The person can try unplugging then plugging it back in after a few seconds.

The next thing to check is if there is a problem with the HDTV receiver.

If these don’t work, perhaps this is the time to call on the customer service hotline of Dish Network so a report can be made and someone will be sent to fix the problem.

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