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As companies today fight for the title of being the best in their industry. Many are turning to various tools to help them reach the top. A company can no longer “go it alone", facing stiff competition means using every available tool. Seamless collaboration is becoming an industry standard no matter what the industry. To enhance collaboration and cooperation between team members and offices, a web conferencing tool can be just the solution.

A web conferencing tool can take many different shapes but always have a few basic characteristics. The conference takes place online using the Internet and is one of the best ways to save money. The cost of lost productivity alone is enough to garner a serious look into a web conferencing tool.

The Internet has really come along way since the days of its inception. The Internet no longer crawls along at frustratingly slow speeds, and getting online is possible for just about everyone. So it alone has become an exceptional tool that many business are using to be the best and the top in their field. Using the Internet to conduct online conference calls is even better because it combines two great tools.

Conference calling has long been a way for multiple parties no matter what their location to be able to communicate as a group without having to waste time and money on frequent travel. Combine that with the ability to transfer large amounts of data via an online connection almost instantly and web conferencing becomes one of the best tools that a company can employ. A web conferencing tool is also valuable because it provides unparalleled

Because of web conferencing team members in different locations can come together to share ideas, give status reports and give feedback instantly. In the continuous search for tools to place a company on the top, they cannot afford to pass over the best collaboration tool today, the web conferencing tool. Even companies that have most of their staff in a central home office have begun using web conferencing to cut down on losses in productivity. Those in attendance can review the information provided right away and are generally more prepared when they are able to attend a meeting from their desks.

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History of Web Conferencing -- Multi-function Conferencing Comes of Age
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