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There are so many sleek and impressive looking cell phones on the market these days that it's hard to resist the temptation to buy one. There is perhaps very little in the world of modern technology that now rivals the prevalence of the cell phone. Just imagine - it can help you communicate with practically anyone at practically any time. Plus, you look good doing it, too.

Today's cell phones are so much more than means to communicate. You can use your cell phone as a personal planner, check on breaking news on the internet, send email, take photos, take videos, play games, send text messages and even dial numbers by through mere sound of your voice. Of course, having a phone with all this is not cheap, so it's important to determine just exactly what we need our cell phones to do.

The first choice is almost always dependent on our preference for a wireless service provider. The key items here are the kind of coverage it offers and the type of monthly service plan it has in your location. Once done, you will then have to select from the wide array of phones that your service provider has to offer.

Next, you have to think of the phone's features. If you're a world traveler, then you need a phone with global wireless standard. You will probably need a dual-mode phone that can communicate in both digital and analog. These are much more dependable for globetrotters than single-mode models, especially if you will be going to isolated places or rural areas where digital service may be nonexistent.

The next decision you will make is probably the most fun one: design. Do you want one of those phones that are designed like a clamshell and just flip open? Or are you more inclined towards those that look like candybars and don't flip open? For convenience, flip phones are tougher to use, especially if the base is lighter than the cover. Would you like a phone with a dual screen, the one with a small LCD on the cover as well as an internal display? The main considerations are that the phone should be easy to use, comfortable to your ear and made of a design that reflects your personal tastes.

Finally, you will want to decide on special features. What do you want your cell phone to do? Oftentimes, this consideration is tied in to how much we are prepared to spend, so it's not that difficult a decision after all.

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Buying A Cell Phone - Making Smart Choices
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