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Ringtones are sound files played by cellular or a mobile phone. They give a unique ring to a mobile phone so that it can be easily distinguished by its owner in places where there may be many cellular phones. Many new models of mobile phones also have features that allow users to create their own ringtones. Imagine the possibility of creating a ringtone for your mobile phone that is as unique as you are.

Ringtones are usually melodious in nature and are used to notify the owner of an incoming call or a message. More and more ringtone options are becoming available on a near daily basis. This form of content is helping the mobile hand-set market grow. However, there is a disturbing trend of advertising hype marketing x-rated ringtones.

Though personalization of mobile phones with ringtones have long been popular, many people would balk at the thought of an x-rated ringtone. Complaints would be sure to increase if mobile phones suddenly began “ringing" with sounds of persons involved in private encounters. X-rated ringtones would be sure to irritate persons in public places. Parents would certainly not want their children to be subjected to such sounds.

However, it appears that x-rated ringtones are just marketing hype at this point in time. Internet advertisers play upon the curious and the free spirited people who would truly find an x-rated ringtone amusing, or at the very least a shocking conversation starter. If you have a stout enough heart to click the advertisements on the internet, you will only find well known companies selling normal ringtones that everyone already uses on a daily basis.

The closest thing you may hear to an x-rated ringtone is the questionable language of some songs. Most ringtone companies, however, will judiciously choose a music file that leaves out any language that could be interpreted as objectionable. They wouldn't want to jeopardize their profitable accounts by allowing downloadable ringtones that parents might object to children having on their mobile phones. So, for the moment parents and conservative adults can relax, x-rated ringtones are nothing more than too much advertising hype.

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