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Recognize Skin Cancer

Sarfaraz Ali

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The skin cancer is a cancer that features a malign development on the skin owing to various determinants. Its progress initializes in the epidermis which makes the tumor visible even in the very initial stages. Ongoing researches and studies have concluded skin cancer to be the kind that spreads the fastest.

Amongst the different types, basal cell carcinoma, the squamous cell carcinoma and last but not the last the malignant melanoma are the most common. Off these the later is the most perilous. Though the chief cause is attributed to maximum exposure to the ultraviolet rays a direct relation between the two has not been proven. Amongst the other symptoms witnessed are the sudden changes in the skin that do not respond to respective treatment, ulcers in the skin and also discoloration and change in to name a few. Regular use of sunscreen is highly recommended by the medical experts.

Amongst the most popular treatment methods that are metted out to the skin cancer patients involve the removal of lesions from the skin making sure that the edges become devoid of the destructive cells. As mentioned its employment as a chief treatment method for both the initial and the later stage cancer categories is quite common. Albeit if diagnosis is made in the inceptive stages the common mode of treatment exercised is the radiation therapy and cryotherapy which result in the effective restrain of further spread. In contrast amongst the cases where the disease has already spread considerably, surgery and chemotherapy may be required. Research is being carried out for the efficacy of the helper T cells in the treatment for the skin cancer. It has no known side effects and if successful may change the entire course of the cancer treatments.

Sarfaraz was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, surrounded by traffic and technology. He writes mostly about diseases, the storybooks, futuristic columns, mysteries, as he likes to call it. He enjoys writing for web.

He wrote his first book (The Black Bodyguard of Stone-Pyramid) in 2003 and since then has provided the picture for 1 more title. His book was honored as a BEST SELLER.

Sarfaraz currently lives with his wife in Karachi near Seashore, about fifteen miles from the house where he was born.


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Melanoma - Cancer of the Skin
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